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Toronto Homicides in 2018 Breaks Previous 1991 Record

Toronto Homicides in 2018 Breaks Previous 1991 Record 1

There have been 90 homicides in Toronto in 2018 (Dec. 6, 2018) which breaks the 1991 record of 89 homicides in the city over a one year period. Toronto Mayor, John Tory, recently remarked to CTV News that the homicides that have occurred this year “is not something anyone, including me, can accept.” He went on further to say that he’d hope that government would support law enforcement by dealing with the guns debate to help the number of gun-related incidents decrease.

For the top toronto criminal lawyer and most people, this begs the question of what is truly causing, one of Canada’s largest cities, to see such violence. Who or what is really responsible for the violence and what can be done after Toronto’s deadliest year on record.

The Causes

The causes are up for much debate among the public, law enforcement, and government officials. Whoever comments on the violent statistics and their cause, determines the kind of answer you get in return.

Here is where the debate goes.

The Bigger Gun Law Debate

A Liberal gun law proposed in March of 2018 has added heat to the discussion on violence taking place in Canada and specifically, Toronto. The new law targets more than 2-million legal federal firearm carriers. The law would increase the tracking of license holders, increase restrictions on holding onto the license, increase restrictions on the ability to purchase firearms, restrict the selling and transporting of firearms and even increase their confiscation. The new gun law passed in the House of Commons and now awaits a second reading.

Arguments For The New Gun Law
The government promotes the new gun law as “legislation that prioritizes public safety and is practical for firearms owners.”

Arguments Against New Gun Law

There is no clear remedy for Toronto’s increased violence statistics from either government, tasks forces, law enforcement or citizens. The solution will surely be found when all parties can work together on a bipartisan level to protect the citizens of Toronto so they can live a violent free future.

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