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White House Staff Rushed to Throw Out Press as Biden Invited Questions in Governors Meeting

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The mentally challenged president Joe Biden invited questions from governors on Monday at the White House, but the staff there rushed to remove the press from the room soon as Biden mentioned taking questions.

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Why Staff Rushed to Remove Press from the Session

The embarrassing moment was caught on camera when Biden stopped talking at the meeting with state governors and invited questions from those present but revealed that “they” told him that he needs to take a question from Utah’s governor first. The Washington Times cited Biden as:

“They tell me I’m supposed to call on [Utah] Gov. [Spencer] Cox,” Mr. Biden said.

The White House aides immediately asked the press to leave in what appeared as an obvious move to stop the press from asking questions and witnessing what passes between Biden and the governors. Biden sat back awkwardly laughing as the White House staff shielded him from reporters shouting questions at him while being ordered out of the room.

Reporting on the story, Red Voice Media noted that the incident showed how “timed and choreographed” everything around Biden was even after a year in the presidential office.

And to show that everything around the President is timed and choreographed, Biden even added that he was “supposed to” call on Governor Cox (of Utah) first.

The story added that Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner was left speechless by seeing this extraordinary and absurd scene.

C-SPAN posted the full video of the Biden-Harris session with governors. In the video, Biden is seen reading from the script on his desk from beginning to the end of his statement. At the end of his statement he invited the questions, at which point his staff rushed to take over and drove the press out.

False Claims in Iowa Capital Dispatch

A story about the meeting in Iowa Capital Dispatch falsely claimed that President Trump made false statements about the “validity” of 2020 election and that the Department of Justice (DOJ) found “no evidence of widespread voter fraud” in it. In reality, the DOJ refused to investigate massive election fraud from multiple states that was documented in testimonies and backed by ample evidence in multiple legislative hearings in each state. Investigations in multiple states and audit in the state of Arizona confirmed large-scale systematic rigging in the November 2020 election.

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