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COVID in Iowa Deer: Study Linked to Vaccine Industry

A recent study that claims to have found hundreds of samples from Iowa deer infected with COVID-19 has financial links to manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines.

CBS is one of the many news sources that cited the study claiming that over 80 percent of Iowa deer are infected with COVID-19. CBS acknowledged that the study is yet to be peer-reviewed.

The study cited is titled “Multiple spillovers and onward transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in free-living and captive white-tailed deer” and it was published on bioRxiv, the pre-print website for publishing research. This means the credibility of the study is not anything more than a claim by a group of people that say they carried out this research; the study itself does not represent scientific fact or verified research.

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Financial Links of Study on COVID in Iowa Deer

While the study includes an acknowledgment of its limitations, or shortcomings, the financial links to vaccine industry are not easily visible. However, the Huck Institutes of Life Sciences at the Penn State University, whose researchers are among the key authors of the study, has multiple financial links to the manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines. As pointed out in this Brighteon video, the Huck Institute is partners with bio-pharmaceutical companies like Gingko Bioworks, Sartorius, and CSL Behring – all directly involved with the manufacture of COVID-19 vaccines. Sartorius has bragged that 80 percent of the vaccine manufacturers are their customers. It further says that there is rarely a vaccine that is developed without them.

The study further acknowledges funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that has claims to co-ownership of COVID-19 vaccines. Earlier this month, the news of conflict between Moderna and NIH revealed that the two co-developers of mRNA vaccine are heading for a legal battle over the vaccine’s ownership.

The study in question suggests that the vaccine industry is looking at Iowa deer among other animals to target for vaccination, although at this stage – as the study is not peer-reviewed – the NIH has not revealed any plans to vaccinate deer. Vaccination of zoo animals, however, has already been in practice at a number of places.

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