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The Higgs Fake – How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee

In the summer of 2012, a group of particle physicists and the media gave the world a fascinating story – the discovery of Higgs boson, dubbed as the “God Particle.”

But was it really an authentic discovery duly verified by the scientific method? Or could it be just a claim accepted without bothering to challenge the science backing it?

In The Higgs Fake (CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2013), German physicist Dr. Alexander Unzicker critically assesses the scientific underpinnings of this big discovery.

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Dissecting the Higgs Boson

Instead of rejecting the claim of Higgs boson’s discovery outright and then defending his assertion, Dr. Unzicker takes the readers back in time to dissect the way things work, or don’t work, in particle physics.

From the early days of the 20th Century to contemporary high-energy physics practiced at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research that claimed the Higgs discovery.

The chapters demonstrate to the readers how increasing complication on one hand and ignoring the need to address fundamental problems in particle physics on the other hand culminated in the establishment of a quasi-scientific regime where reality is reduced to a mathematical equation.

Dr. Unzicker, pulling no punches, rejects the alleged discovery of the Higgs boson as a mass hysteria propagated by a select group of physicists that no longer have to produce solid scientific evidence but get away with whatever nonsense they put before the press because the media has made it their job to further the propaganda that is worth billions of dollars a year.

Science Reform

The Higgs Fake is an important work of science in which every chapter educates readers on essential facts and procedures in physics while at the same time calling for the need for critical scrutiny of claims made in the name of science. The immense potential of reform in today’s science makes this book a must-read.

Dr. Unziker continues to educate the public on science via his YouTube channel. In a video posted to YouTube last year, Dr. Unziker underscored the uselessness of CERN and the Large Hadron Collider it uses to detect new subatomic particles.

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