Ryazan, Russia - September 09, 2018: Homepage of Gucci website on the display of PC, url - Gucci.com.

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Gucci, one of the world’s leading high-end fashion brands, is trying something new: dirty sneakers. The company has introduced sneakers that are designed to look like they have been extremely worn, and these dirty sneakers will cost as much as $1,100 each.

The concept is simple: everyone knows when new sneakers are new.

The sneakers, sold under the “Distressed Leather” line, are being sold for just $870 for the pre-dirtied tennis shoe model. Vintage in style, these shoes are designed to look like shoes that people would wear in the 70s and 80s – dirt included.

Vintage sportswear is a big trend for the company, from Gucci bags to the Gucci Cruise 2019 collection, which reminds me of the 80s and an Al Pacino movie.

The “Distressed” sneakers by Gucci comes in three different styles, and offers a retro tongue patch with a gold Gucci heel. A bi-color sole is also available with a knurled rubber outsole.

Gucci has received a major overhaul in recent years under the guidance of Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the company. Michele joined Gucci in 2015 and is responsible for all of the company’s collections since.

He has thrown his vision for Gucci into the spotlight recently, offering more décor from the brand. Gucci Décor came to life in 2017, and Michele has decided to advance the line of décor items with a new follow-up collection. He has added textiles, furniture and even new ceramics to the mix. The most stylish spaces in the world are the Décor line’s target market, with pieces ranging from $160 to $19,000, depending on the piece.

Michele has brought natural elements to the Gucci brand, with the introduction of nature, such as beetles, roaring tigers and snakes being featured on the brand’s apparel.

Gucci, a brand that focuses on the high-end market, had sales growth of 44.6% over the previous year and had $2.2 billion in revenue in the first-quarter of 2018, up 48.7% year-over-year.

Millennials are flocking to the luxury brand, with Gen Z and millennials accounting for nearly 50% of the company’s total sales. The company has started to focus on the hip-hop market under the famous tailor Dapper Dan, who is well-known in Harlem. The partnership with Dapper Dan is an attempt to bring the brand to a new generation of luxury consumers.

The success of the Distressed line of sneakers is still unknown, but the brand expects Gen Z and millennials to flock to the retro, “dirty” sneakers.