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Thousands of attendees have descended upon Lagos, Nigeria, to attend the 2018 Healing School’s August session. Many have looked forward to the kickoff of the healing school with a hope for restoration and salvation.

The healing school, led by Pastor Chris, is attended by worshipers from all over the world. Every inhabitable continent has been represented in the crowd for this supernatural intervention.

The school is a source of joy for many which brought God’s healing powers to those suffering. Faith in God’s word has shown the power to heal the sick whether they be chronically or acutely ill. The healing school is a place where Christ’s healing powers are put on full display for those suffering from debilitating diseases. A range of maladies including diabetes, heart disease, migraine aura, HIV and diabetes have been eased at the Healing School. Many claim that they walk away from the event reinvigorated with new hope and a passion for life.

All that is required is a firm belief in God’s healing powers, according to reverend and doctor Chris Oyakhilome. The doctor was the central figure for the August session of the Healing School and he brought with him hope for the infirmed.

He often cited Hebrews 13;8 which states, “There are great expectations that they will be made whole and transformed forever, knowing that.”

Worshipers attending the session have been treated to testimonies from past students. Miraculous claims of healing have been touted by those who have attended past Healing Schools. One such testimonial comes from a professional football player who suffered an automobile accident. Prince Enefiok claims he was unable to participate in football activities after the accident but was miraculously healed while attending a past Healing School. Now he is able to enjoy his favorite sports and he owes it all to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

It is testimonies like these that brought in students by the thousands. They all believe in the pastor’s ability to unburden the sick and break the chains of illness. It is a month of hope and restoration that has been anecdotally proven to save lives.

The August Healing School was absolutely free of charge to attend. However, attendees were required to provide evidence of a physical malady, chronic or acute illness. Students were required to bring with the medical reports as well as supporting evidence.

Those in attendance were brandishing medical devices such as wheelchairs, breathing apparatus, medications and crutches. People were seen in the crowd shutting their reliance on these medical devices throughout the first few days of the Healing School. This adds to the anecdotal evidence that God’s healing power is real and that attendees of the Healing School were actually being healed.

Pastor Chris’s organization helped attendees find accommodation near the Healing School in Lagos, Nigeria. The website for the Healing School directs attendees to nearby affordable accommodations in order to help them attend the event. Attendees stayed in more than a dozen different hotels throughout the area.

The organization even helped attendees with visa requirements to enter Nigeria. Pastor Chris and his allies sent out a letter of invitation to help attendees cross the border into the country. Students from countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and other European countries were visa exempt for entering Nigeria. However, those attending from most other African countries were required to show this letter of invitation at the border.

Students were required to attend classes running from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day. Students were also required to spend at least 18 days at the school from the day of their orientation.