Italian weddings

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Destination weddings have become extremely popular with couples who want to avoid having huge, impersonal weddings, where some of the guests are sometimes even unknown to them. Many couples want to avoid having a carbon copy wedding, at the same venue where cousins, siblings and friends got married and want to get away and have an intimate and exclusive wedding experience that will remain unforgettable.

The latest trends and surveys have provided us with the ten top wedding destinations in the world and we have listed them in order of popularity.


Synonymous with romance, it is not by chance that Italy is the most popular wedding destination. It offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, delicious food and excellent wine.

Couples can choose from thousands of locations that include cities steeped in history, beautiful coastlines, lakes and mountain villages.

Venice, set on a lagoon with canals and gondoliers, is known as the city of love and offers an abundance of romance, history and culture. The countryside is dotted with beautiful villages, each offering opportunities for unique wedding experiences because of their traditions, depending on the region these change.

The Amalfi Coast and Puglia are popular with those looking for luxurious settings. Sorrento and Rome, the Eternal City, are both steeped in history. Florence, the city of Art, has some of the most stunning buildings in the world, matching its famous art and ancient bridges cross its river.

It is true that regardless of the budget one might allocate for an Italian wedding, the settings available throughout the country will still provide an opportunity to shoot the photo collection of a lifetime! Yet choosing the best location and making sure the event runs smoothly, will require the help of a professional wedding planner.

HeraEl is the leading wedding planner in Italy. This agency organizes intimate weddings, and its owner, Elena Le Fosse explains that Italy has surpassed all other destinations to become the first choice for couples seeking an intimate destination wedding. Elena stresses that they concentrate on offering complete assistance to the couple so that they are ensured of an exclusive, intimate, Italian wedding that will not be a carbon copy of anyone else’s. Careful attention is paid to every detail concerning the location, ceremony, venue, food drinks and the traditional fireworks, if desired. The intimate atmosphere created will be a memory that will linger forever for the lucky bride and groom and their most intimate guests.

Italy offers many idyllic honeymoon destinations and for any couple struggling to decide on where to go after the wedding, choosing to stay on and explore makes perfect sense.


Cape Town beach weddings – or a Safari wedding, Africa offers both options. A continent abundant in wildlife, game farms, picturesque landscapes, unforgettable sunsets and endless beaches combined with interesting cultures and a variety of tropical and sub-tropical climates to choose from. The choices are many but a Safari wedding is the ultimate destination wedding experience for an adventurous bride and groom.


Ancient settings, Byzantine churches, dreamy beaches and hundreds of islands to choose from make Greece popular with those seeking a wedding with a difference. Many opt to stay on for their honeymoon. Santorini, with its mysterious volcano, beautiful beaches and romantic sunsets is the most popular.

North America

Las Vegas, New York and Orlando have famous landmarks which continue to make them sought after by couples seeking the perfect destination wedding and offer something to suit all tastes.


Surrounded by the Mediterranean, Cyprus still remains a popular choice as a wedding destination. The island offers romantic beach venues and a fantastic night life.

South America

Brazil, Chile and Argentina are popular for couples seeking to escape the cold weather in Europe and to get married in the some of the lushest venues, which include tropical forests, mountainous terrains, glacial lakes or ancient buildings. The Rio carnival is also a huge draw card for those wanting to exchange their vows.


The picturesque, rolling Irish countryside is often chosen by couples wanting a majestic wedding and it offers many wedding venue locations to choose from. Its close proximity to the UK makes it a popular choice with the British.


The land down under is the furthest one can travel for a wedding from most locations in the world. With five major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane all located on the coast, Australia offers some beautiful beach and outdoor locations combined with perfect weather.


Spain, with its stunning beaches and ancient cathedrals has no shortage of venues in and around cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Majorca and Valencia. Famous for its sangria and paella, Spain offers a huge variety of tapas too. Ibiza is very popular with party lovers and those wanting to host the perfect bachelor/ bachelorette party.


The further the better is what some couples seem to agree on, with Thailand, The Maldives and Vietnam topping the list of Asian countries where couples choose to tie the knot. These countries offer stunning locations and a close proximity to honeymoon destinations.


In the case of Italy, it is not just popular with high-end families who can afford an ultra-luxurious experience: it is also a favorite with middleclass families, as the country supports two segments of the wedding market. Italy boasts locations known to everyone: Venice, Rome and popular parts of Sicily, but there are also places that are rather exclusive and unknown which are harder to locate and organize. Organizing a wedding event in one’s own country is usually best done when using experts, but when weddings take place in a country where English is not the first language, it certainly requires the services of an expert wedding planner.