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Alberta and Saskatchewan End Vaccine Mandates

Spineless conservatives in Canada are finally growing a spine, thanks to the Truckers Convoy protest centered in Ottawa. The premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, has announced the end to vaccine mandate in the province effective tonight.

End of Vaccine Mandate in Alberta

The Daily Wire reported that Kenney announced end to several COVID restrictions including the vaccine pass required to enter businesses and venues. The story cited Kenney as:

Now is the time to begin learning to live with COVID. These restrictions have led to terrible division.

The story added that Kenney’s announcement to lift the retractions in Alberta comes with his pledge to fight Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers traveling between provinces within Canada.

“Alberta will fight this every step of the way – including in court, if we have to,” he declared.

Last year, Kenney caved to the pressure of the medical establishment and aggressive leftist attacks on anti-mandate views and imposed both vaccine and mask mandates in Alberta. His decision to lift the restrictions and stand up to the pharma-liberal alliance comes in wake of the ongoing Truckers Convoy that has been protesting in Ottawa. Trudeau fled the capital and hid himself, using a COVID infection as an excuse with no evidence provided.

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End of Vaccine Mandate in Saskatchewan

Earlier on Tuesday, Saskatchewan also announced dropping its vaccine mandate. The Gateway Pundit reported that Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced ending its vaccine mandate on Monday (February 14, while lifting its mask mandate at the end of the month.

The decision of the two premiers to end the vaccine and mask mandates is a sign of tables turned on the tyrannical leftist establishment, thanks to mass protests and above all the latest truckers’ movement against draconian overreach of the authorities. The resistance to inhuman and anti-freedom vaccine mandates has been stronger in the United States where the Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s nationwide vaccine mandate last month.

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