Canadian Cannabis And 2nd Wave Legalization

Legalization in the Great White North caused quite a stir this past year – between the details of government contracts, storefronts and online retailers ramping up branding, a fuss about US border policies, Canadian legalization generated more than a few memorable headlines. In the general population, legalization caused many responsible adults who’d put the bong down long ago to contemplate trying pot again in a more mature, sophisticated atmosphere.

While prescription cannabis suggested that legal pot was only for those in need of physical or psychological treatment, general legalization suggests than anyone might appreciate the relaxing, mind-expanding effects of cannabis in the comfort of their own homes. Spending a night in with a friend or romantic partner having deep conversations with a mild buzz on could become a preferred form of recreation – it would certainly save some folks the price of a hefty bar tab and the hangover.

A cultural shift away from alcohol towards cannabis in the population may trigger a revolution in general health – according to Business Insider, alcohol carries far more health risks including obesity, cancer and depression. There are some health issues tied to cannabis, but because it’s less addictive, these effects are generally much milder and are easier to manage. Over-indulging may be a problem, but for those who have grown up and embraced discipline and self-care, indulging only on weekends or special occasions should be second nature.

1st Wave: Oils and Flowers

A little-known fact about Canadian legalization is that on legalization day (October 17th) cannabis was only legalized in the form of oils and flower (the bud, which is smoked or vaporized). For those with health concerns associated with smoking, oil is the obvious option, but even oil has a strong aftertaste that some folks might not appreciate.

Thus, for those who already smoke and have developed a taste for the skunky plant, legalization just means they can get their pot without feeling like a criminal. For those who are interested in trying it but have an aversion to smoking or to the taste, the 2nd wave of legalization will be welcome.

2nd Wave: Teas, Oils & Edibles

In 2019, the second wave of legalization will create a legal market for cannabis edibles, flavourless additives and infused teas. Olli Brands is an example of a company that will offer all three, catering to mature adults who want to consume cannabis in a healthful, relaxing manner. While this may seem like a minor thing to folks who like to smoke or abstain altogether, for a large portion of the population that may want to enjoy the effects of cannabis as part of a unique flavour experience alongside their favourite food or drinks, this constitutes a huge development.

Tea & Flavourless Additive

Most folks will understand the appeal of chocolates or savoury snacks pre-prepared for convenience, but the idea of teas or additives may initially seem strange. However, many people like to unwind with a hot cup of herbal tea in the evening. If you’ve had a particularly long or trying day, you may want to add an extra layer of comfort to the hot tea. Additive, on the other hand, can be incorporated into any meal without altering the fundamental flavour of it. For demanding gourmands, this is excellent news.

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