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Canadian Pastor Pawlowski Wins against Judge’s Ban on Vaccine Criticism

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was arrested earlier this year for defying the government’s COVID-19 lockdowns, has scored a legal victory against a leftist judge that banned him from criticism of COVID-19 mandates and vaccination.

Last month, Pastor Pawlowski was ordered by Alberta Justice Adam Germain to include a statement in all his public speeches that vaccinations save lives and reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. Life Site News included the full statement ordered by Justice Germain to be included in the pastor’s speeches as well as in social media posts as part of his terms of probation for violating government restrictions on gatherings during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The health authorities wanted Pastor Pawlowski to be imprisoned but the leftist judge released him with $23,000 in fines and 18 months of probation with 120 hours of community service. Coming with these penalties was the order to include the statement that went against the free speech rights of the pastor.

Pastor Pawlowski. Image @ BitChute

Legal Victory for Pastor Pawlowski

On Thursday, November 25, the Alberta Court of Appeal cancelled the dictated speech part of Justice Germain’s ruling while hearing Pastor Pawlowski’s appeal. Reporting on the new court’s ruling, Rebel News wrote:

That bizarre order — that they were forced to say official government propaganda after every time they criticized the government — was part of an abusive, anti-Christian sentence meted out last month by Justice Adam Germain.

The story says that while this is not the end of the battle and the full appeal is still awaited, the dismissal of the most abusive part of Justice Germain’s ruling is a huge win. The full appeal will be heard in June next year.

Failure of COVID Vaccines in Offering Protection

Reports from around the world have shown that the COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Both partly and fully vaccinated people routinely contract COVID, suffer serious disease, and in many cases die of the disease.

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