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Donbass Kherson and Zaporozhye Vote in Referendum to Join Russia

Four regions that are officially part of Ukraine have voted in favor of independence from Ukraine and joining Russia. The anti-Russian media claims the referendum was a sham.

The referendum was conducted September 23 through 27 in the four regions that are under Russian protection against Ukraine: Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (LPR and DPR), Kherson, and part of Zaporozhye Region (Southern Ukraine). Russia Today posted the results of the referendum in the four regions showing the vast majority in all four voted to join Russia.

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The anti-Russian media machinery of the globalist alliance in America, Europe, and elsewhere had a meltdown over the referendum and called it a sham. The U.S. and its globalist allies have rejected the vote and are calling it an attempted land grab. Mainstream media siding with the globalists called the referendum internationally discredited.

However, Dutch reporter Sonja van den Ende reported on the voting while being on ground in the Donbass region and she called out the media in the west for calling the referendum a sham. On her VK page, she posted pictures from various polling stations and noted that international observers are being harassed by the Ukrainian side for following the referendum.

International observers are harassed for following Ukraine referendum. So far, three professionals are being persecuted; Ukrainian government calls for sanctions on people accompanying the voting process.

For annexation to Russia, the four regions now wait for several steps of constitutional process of annexation. These include drafting international treaties and passing them through the chambers of the Russian government. Russia has warned that any attack on the regions after they officially become part of Russia will be taken as an attack on Russia and answered accordingly.

It is worth noting that the Donbass region – comprising Donetsk and Lugansk – declared independence from Ukraine in May 2014 but Ukraine refused to acknowledge its independence as the U.S and its allies had brought to power its own government of choice in Ukraine with Petro Poroshenko as the President.

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