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Government Facilitated Auckland’s Muslim Terrorist Stabbing

The recent mass stabbing attack by a Muslim terrorist in Auckland, New Zealand, was directly facilitated by the government’s failed immigration system, the country’s pro-Islamist leader admitted.

Daily Mail reported that New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern admitted government’s failure in deporting Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, the Muslim terrorist who stabbed 7 people at an Auckland supermarket on Friday, September 3rd, 2021. The terrorist from Sri Lanka arrived in New Zealand in 2011 as a student and two years later switched to refugee status – which the government granted him fraudulently.

During their investigations it became evident the refugee status was fraudulently obtained and the process began to cancel his right to stay in New Zealand, Ardern said.

But despite finding out in 2016 that the government had wrongly granted him refugee status, he was allowed to remain in the country owing to the liberal government’s tolerance of illegal aliens. Even worse, Samsudeen had been reported to the authorities over links with Islamist terror groups and was being watched for potential terror while illegally staying in the country and roaming about freely.

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Muslim Terrorist Had Criminal Record

Jihad Watch reported that 32-year-old Samsudeen expressed support for Islamist terror on social media. In 2017, he was arrested and soon released on bail despite his open plan to join ISIS in Syria. In 2018, he was rearrested and spent three years in prison while confessing to multiple crimes.

A court report warned Samsudeen had the motivation and means to commit violent acts in the community and posed a high risk.

Despite repeated dangerous criminal activity and on-record support for terrorism as well as active attempts to become a Muslim terrorist for ISIS, Samsudeen enjoyed immunity from deportation or any serious government attempts to jail him for long-term and keep the public safe. The result was Friday’s terrifying attack on citizens. As Jihad Watch reported, Samsudeen was yelling the traditional Islamist slogan Allahuakbar (Allah is great) while stabbing people and was shot dead – but not before doing the preventable damage.

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