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Hunter Biden’s Financial Stakes in Ukraine’s Biological Labs Revealed

The globalist establishment, particularly the Biden administration, has been in panic since Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine last month. After the recent explosive revelations about US-funding in Ukraine’s biological labs, now the controversial labs have been financially linked to Hunter Biden.

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New Documents on Biological Labs in Ukraine

The Gateway Pundit reported today that Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca invested in the firms behind the creation of Ukraine’s Biolabs.

The Gateway Pundit identified through the Wayback Machine that Rosemont Seneca provided capital (invested in) Metabiota as noted on the firm’s website back in 2014.

The story included a screenshot of the page “Our Team’s Investments” on the Rosemont Senaca webpage, sowing Metabiota as one of the firm’s investments. Metabiota is identified as the firm involved in the creation of Biolabs in Ukraine.

The business link between Hunter Biden and Ukraine’s biological labs puts the panic of the leftist western establishment and media in a whole new perspective. Combined with the revelations that the Department of Defense (DOD) funded the biological labs in Ukraine and the documents were deleted from the US government websites, the core issue of Russian military operation in Ukraine leads straight to the Biden White House.

Obama Administration’s Tracks in Ukraine

The European Union Times published a story on Wednesday (March 9) the about Obama-Biden administration plotting the regime change in Ukraine in 2014. The story includes a leaked audio recording from 2014 of a call between state department official of the time Victoria Nuland (who is currently serving in the Biden administration) and Jeffrey Pyatt, then U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. Their conservation was seen as part of a coup plot by the Obama-Biden administration in Ukraine.

Last month, Europe Reloaded wrote about how George Soros helped overthrow former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 via the Obama-Biden administration and later helped Volodymyr Zelensky become the Ukrainian president.

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