Imaging Center in Madagascar – NIP Global Partners Take a New Initiative

The Madagascar New Year (Alahamadi Be) in 2017 was indeed a year to celebrate a future that is healthier and more secure, thanks to the strategic amalgamation between NIP Global Ltd. local leadership and JRA hospital. These three entities are working in collaboration with one another, to give birth to a life-saving initiative for the local population of Madagascar, an advanced center for medical imaging. This medical center is armed with the best diagnostic tools which detect diseases ahead of time and also offer effective treatment, which includes MRI, mammography, eco-Doppler, scanning and lithotripsy.

This medical imaging center was actually inaugurated in January 2016 and it is currently operating with flying colors treating more than 3500 patients in a single month. The center remains open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it is staffed by local professionals trained by Dr. Mohammed Homoud, one of the medical directors of the center. The JRA imaging center has opened its doors for everyone and finally there is high standard treatment for all people.

Madagascar Modernizes Public Healthcare

It was in January 2016 that Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona (JRA) Hospital in Antananarivo introduced the well-equipped imaging center to the public. This important event was introduced with pomp and ceremony. The hospital finally boasted of having the thorough and efficient diagnostic tools required for providing effective and fast treatment to many more people than the hospital could assist before.

Low Risk Kidney Stone Treatment in Madagascar With the First Lithotripter

Advanced treatments are now available in Madagascar due to a new feature called lithotripsy. The process leverages ultrasonic shock waves to break and decompose kidney stones and some other forms of solid masses which form inside the human body without the requirement of any kind of surgery. The procedure called lithotripsy breaks down stones into small fragments which can naturally come out from the body of the patient. Apart from the lithotripter, there is also a mammography machine in the imaging center, an MRI system, an echo-doppler machine and a scanner. Hence, the people of Madagascar need not travel to long distances to receive good quality medical services.

Breast cancer is the most treatable form of cancer if it is detected at the right time but unfortunately, it is currently the top cause of death in Madagascar. Until the new imaging center was introduced in Madagascar, most of the non-invasive processes such as mammography weren’t available to people who could not travel abroad to visit a private medical service provider. Considering that Madagascar is the 10th poorest country in the whole world, the options of treating breast cancer are limited.

Since 1994, NIP Global and the destination that they cater to have been meeting both private sector and public sector client expectations. Since then, NIP evolved as a leader in the field of complex IT solutions to meet civil challenges.

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