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The Klaus Schwab Pathway To Absolute Power

Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is both godless and powerless. He craves power, so he uses influence to gain a pathway to the power he desires.

The vehicle used to drive that influence forward is Schwab’s The Great Reset. If it is taken to the conclusion he and the WEF wants, by the countries represented at the forum, their reset will end in totalitarian control of the world.

Klaus Schwab – Kingmaker

The WEF is the worst possible woke progressive organization. Klaus Schwab sees himself as a kingmaker prophet who sells a product that all power-mongers want – absolute power – in a neat package.

The WEF’s pathway to power comes through a step-by-step roadmap disguised as environmental and humanitarian virtue. It sounds so good – who wouldn’t want that, especially young people? What it actually means is the pathway to absolute government power is paved with weasel words that deceive and scare citizens.

It is a bait-and-switch that will give him ultimate control over everything, including those duped into believing his subterfuge.

“With the threat of a climate apocalypse serving as Plato’s Noble Lie, Marxist-style government power grabs are taking place all over the Western world. But Marxism could never survive on its own because Marxist economics don’t work. So, it must always adopt a fascist element, loosening government restrictions on private property and a market economy; not totally, but as the Chinese have done: “socialism with Chinese characteristics.” The addition of ESG-Environmental, Social, and Governance-is that fascist element. A kind of coercive corporate social credit system, once compliance is fully in place, will bring all industries to the government’s heel. The path to totalitarianism, you see, is quite clear.” – Larry Taunton.

Manipulating Politicians

Over many years, Klaus Schwab built a team of global comrades who maneuver themselves into positions of power. Schwab conspires with them to take control of countries and businesses, with the aim of eventually taking over the world.

Schwab’s objective is to help his disciples “transform” their countries.

Klaus Schwab Great Reset monster. AxcessNews cartoon.

This is not an idle threat, nor is it a conspiracy theory. These are the actual words of Schwab, the WEF, and their disciples all over the world. And there are real-world examples already playing out, such as by progressives (i.e., socialists) in the USA.

Their strategy is to gain massive political support from the people by promising wealth redistribution. Once they have enough support, they will transform their countries from free enterprise market economies into big government (centrally planned) socialism.

Race and Class Warfare

Part of their plan is to gin up resentment using race and class warfare, with bogus narratives such as environmental justice. It has already become clear in the US and around the world, that the idea of racial equity can gain public support for the transformation plan. In fact, what is happening is just an extension of the old plan in which politicians buy votes and deceive the public.

Klaus Martin Schwab has stated that aim of the “Great Reset” is to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

The wannabe tyrants who are his disciples want power, influence, and control. His roadmap has already shown them the way to achieve their objectives. They will be able to wield the full authority of the state, with the full cooperation of big corporations that control the narratives parroted by controlled or compliant and useful idiot media.

Haves v. Have-Nots

If more people do not wake up and stop this from happening, the Great Reset will lead to a world split between haves and have-nots.

On one side, the rich and powerful political and corporate elites will live with their servants in walled mansions, similar in purpose if not in appearance to castle keeps. Private cars, jets, chefs, and protective security will extend the quarantine for the few living in luxury.

On the other side will be everyone else who survives, the unwashed and compliant government-subsidized masses, who Schwab calls useless eaters.” These people will live in high-density mega complexes forced to take mass transit to work.

Welcome to the other side of The Great Reset. It is just like the Middle Ages, where all but a privileged few are economically impoverished.

Jacinda Ardern transforming NZ. AxcessNews Cartoon.
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