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Top Hunting Destinations To Travel To In America

Planning a hunting trip in America soon? Consider these top destinations to visit before you book your ticket.


The landscapes of Alaska are outstanding and vast, it’s considered one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places in the world to visit. Around every corner you’ll be greeted by another incredible view ranging from vast mountains and glaciers to expansive plains, rivers, and lakes. You could even get an opportunity to witness the colorful northern lights.

Hunting in Alaska is the place to go for big game and everything seems to be larger in this state. Hire a hunting guide to make the most of your trip as they’ll know the landscapes better than anyone.


Wyoming offers an abundance of hunting opportunities and a large array of game. Animals such as Antelope, Bison, Deer and Elk can be found roaming around this state along with some migratory game birds too. Home to the Central Rocky Mountains, Wyoming has a diverse terrain to explore.

Climates can really vary throughout the year here so consider what you pack before you go. You may need a variety of light breathable clothing and the best cold weather hunting clothes too.


Famous for the Grand Canyon National Park and Monument Valley, Arizona provides an incredible backdrop whilst participating in your favorite hobby. Hunting is allowed all year round in this state, but you will still be required to obtain the correct licenses and permits first. Game animals that can be found here include buffalo, bighorn sheep, deer, elk and turkeys.


Beaches and summer holidays spring to mind when thinking about this hot southern state, but Florida is a great location to fulfill your hunting hobby too. If small game is your passion, there is plenty to be found here. Animals include rabbits, wild hogs and squirrels, turkeys can also be hunted during the fall season.


The second largest state in America is not to be missed when searching for your next hunting trip destination and as the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. Whilst Texas cannot really compete with the likes of Alaska on the big game front, there is still a wealth of game animals to be found. The number of white-tailed deer are plentiful here.

Experiencing your hobby in a landscape and climate is a luxury to be relished and enjoyed. With methodical research and planning in place, you can create a trip to be remembered. Don’t forget that hunting regulations vary from state to state so you’ll need to make sure your license is valid and up-to-date. Additional permits may be required and seasonal restrictions may be put in place.

Read up on import and export laws if you’re planning on traveling with your own gear. You might find it’s easier to stay at an organized hunting retreat where everything is provided for you. That way you’ll avoid a lot of hassle and will no doubt have an experienced guide to show you around.

Hunter. Image by klimkin from Pixabay
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