The Trump effect on healthcare.

Boris Dzhingarov is a business news writer who covers a wide range of issues.

Since his inauguration, President Trump has dived head first into changing policies, leaving many Americans worried about possible side effects. Recently an online coupon and money saving website looked into what people have to sacrifice to pay for their healthcare, to reveal what concerns people the most about President Trump changing their healthcare.

In the US, people have had to cut out many things to be able to pay for soaring healthcare costs and insurance premiums, even following the introduction of ObamaCare. Since taking power, President Trump has taken steps to dismantle the work of his predecessor Barack Obama already. As part of their ongoing research into living costs for US families, Coupon Dash investigated to find out if people were worried about what will become of the healthcare system under Trump.

With many changes made to varying healthcare bills in recent days by the new administration, online coupon and money saving website Coupon Dash surveyed over 1000 families in the US, asking: “Do you have any concerns regarding President Trump changing healthcare in the US?.” A massive 67% of respondents came back saying they did, whilst only 21% didn’t and 12% were not sure.

Those who had concerns about the effect of Trump’s actions making changes to current healthcare systems were then asked what they were:

  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Loss of access
  • Increased social security costs
  • Losing Obamacare
  • Increased debt
  • Higher mortality rates

Some of the feedback from respondents has shown that there are a wide range of concerns for many people:

“There will continue to be tiered healthcare and working people will be used to make the insurance companies richer.”

“I think we will see state imposed regulations that drive the cost of healthcare through the roof.”

“I’m worried about losing preventative care for women’s health issues especially the loss of Planned Parenthood.”

Recent research from Coupon Dash also showed that many people are starting to forgo things they once enjoyed to be able to afford healthcare for themselves and their family. They found majority of people, 52%, have cut out going out for meals, whilst 49% of people do not spend money on the latest gadgets any more. A lot of people also forgo other incidentals such as cable TV and cell phone contracts. The research showed many of the respondents have said affording healthcare is an issue:

“I cannot afford healthcare and don’t qualify for Medicare. I worry a lot about my situation.”

“I can just about afford my family’s healthcare, but I feel we should not have to sacrifice anything for it. It should be a human right and we should have universal healthcare like Canada, Israel and the UK.”

“I work two jobs to be able to afford healthcare without sacrificing any of the above. If not then I would have to make sacrifices.”

Speaking about the financial issues families in the US are facing Chris Reilly Managing Director at Coupon Dash said:

“We have seen that not everyone is supportive of President Trump and our research shows a lot of people have concerns regarding decisions he has already made and may make regarding healthcare. Many people pay insurance to cover their healthcare and that of their families, whether that’s through their job or personally. If changes are made to current bills in effect, which could see a knock on effect and premiums rise, a lot of people are going to struggle.”

He added:

“Obviously we know not everyone will disagree with the policies made by this new administration, however it is the knock on effect that could affect people more than they realise. This can be people losing accesses to treatments they currently get, increased social security costs to cover shortfalls or people unable to work due to ill health, as well as increasing personal debt.”


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