5 Trendy Apps for Your iPhone 7

The iPhone7 is perhaps one of the top selling phones on the market, so when you get your new phone you will surely want to know how to spice it up and make use of some of the trendiest apps. With an amazing selection of apps available for free as well as for a small cost, you can install any app to help with gaming, conducting tasks, using voice technology and much more. The iPhone7 is capable of performing many different tasks, from simple web searches and phone calls to the most intricate calculations and running complex programs. With the most trendy iPhone7 apps, you can discover just what this amazing device is capable of.

Top iOS App Choices

latest app trends in maps.The leading apps for the iPhone7 have become successful due to app distribution. By using appropriate distribution methods, app developers have been able to target their audience and provide apps that will be accessed on a regular basis. The following apps have become the most used and most popular throughout 2016 and going into 2017. These apps all provide a great way to maximize the power if the iPhone7 and deliver an amazing experience to any new iPhone user or loyal iOS supporter.

If you are one to conduct online banking activities and enjoy tracking your spending and maintaining a budget, Spendee is a great app that will record expenses. With this app, you can set budgets and enter any and all expenses. The app will generate charts for easy viewing and will also offer different settings so that you can have multiple wallets and budgets.

If you are a traveller or do a lot of driving, Apple Maps may be useful, but the HERE Maps app is much better. With this app, you can access maps offline and save data and you can also use a voice guided option for directions while driving. The app offers real-time traffic conditions in more than 40 countries.

Music lovers will appreciate Shazam, a great app that will help you identify any song you hear. By listening to just a short clip, the app can tell you the name of the song as well as the artist. Tis app is must have for any music lover and it can come in handy for those of you that get thrills from Music Bingo!

Photo Editing Apps

For those of you who enjoy taking pictures and editing them on the iPhone7, there are some amazing trendy apps that can enhance photos and make the editing process fun and simple. One is VSCO, a free editing app that offers many functions and complete control over the editing process. If you are an Instagram user, this app is a must hand and while the interface is a bit confusing at first, it is easy to learn and within minutes, you will be creating stunning photos.

Another great option for photo editing is a paid app called Enlight. This is a professional quality app that offers filters, the ability to mix various images into one and much more. The interface is easy to use and the app will become a standby for anyone that likes using their iPhone7 for their main camera.

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