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Micro-Content: What Is It And Why Is It Needed Now?

Micro-Content is the heart and soul of a social media campaign. Anyone new to the micro-content space would be seeing pieces of Micro-Content without even realising it. Micro-Content has the capacity to change the way people look at online marketing campaigns. It is something that can attract a reader’s attention. It can keep the reader hooked into the marketer’s storyline.

What exactly is Micro-Content?

Marketers who have been in the social media marketing business long enough would know what it means, but for the uninitiated, here’s a definition.

Micro-Content is a continuous stream of information that just does not know how to stop.

Readers have seen bits and pieces of information placed on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and similar social media systems. Micro-Content can help brands in their bid to attract the viewer’s attention.

Micro-Content can be in the form of:

Micro Content. image by AxcessNews

Here is how micro-content helps a brand to grow:

Brings Loyal Followers

Micro-Content helps give rise to a loyal and interested base of followers who care what the writer has to say. These small snippets of information can attract and hold the attention of many people on social media. Sometimes, a 1000-world listicle might not do the trick for a brand but a 10-word meme with a picture (or GIF) might work wonders. It is like a small capsule that provides readers with small bits of information. Interesting information can be made so compelling that readers will immediately share it with their own connections. They may do this for multiple reasons – because it interests them and they think it will be useful for others – or because it can make them appear smarter.

Tailor-Made for Social Media

This type of content is tailor-made for social media platforms. It can turn into a larger asset in the long run. After reading through an interesting case study, an astute marketer can shortlist some interesting statistics and infographics and post them online. Many of their viewers and fans will love to get their hands on these interesting pieces of info. Experienced Micro-Content providers can often capture the viewer’s attention in a single GIF or a video.

Popular Medium

Video is a very popular medium for passing on information. Micro-Content in the video format can do wonders. Clever micro-content users often create 10-second snippets that are fun and engaging. Using 10-20 second snippets instead of long videos is definitely a good idea because people can always go back to the snippet in case they are unclear about something. It does not take much time. Scrolling through larger feeds isn’t a great idea.

These video snippets can be in the form of standalone content. These can come in handy to help anyone to increase their number of viewing impressions. A shorter video will hit the viewer right on their head as it will most likely be to the point. Here is an example of a video from the 2014 edition of the Cannes Lions Awards that can be taken as an example.

In all fairness, Micro-Content has become more of a necessity than anything else because people do not have the time to go through larger pieces of content. They just want the gist of the matter, that’s all. The idea is always to develop quick-hitting posts that end up creating an impact. Instagram users will be well aware of the significance of such pieces of information.

Anyone who wishes to create an impact in the minds of their viewers can use Micro-Content. It is the way to go because it ends up connecting with the right target points within no time.

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