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If you were somehow able to cut out all the inefficiencies in your life, you would be one very productive person. However, as we’ve become a more advanced civilization with regards to technology, it’s also become much easier for us to get distracted by this technology. While this is often seen as the case, technology can also be used to help break this cycle and make you into a more productive and efficient person, especially when you’re at home. So to turn yourself into someone who can actually get things done when they’re at home, here are three ways technology in your home can make you a more efficient person.

Smart Home Technology

There is so much technology that can now make your home a “smart home.” From automated heating and cooling systems to timers for lights and locks, there are a lot of basic chores that can now be completely controlled by technology. And while these things can make your home more efficient, they don’t necessarily make you more efficient. One thing that can do this is a personal tech assistant like the Amazon Echo. Lisa Marie Basile, a contributor to, shares that gear like this can answer your questions, remind you of calendar appointments, keep track of items for you, and so much more. When used correctly, these pieces of tech can essentially be a second brain for you-that probably remembers things better than your actual brain.

Timing Apps

One of the biggest ways technology can make you inefficient at home is by making it so you lose track of time. You may have intended to just watch one episode of your favorite show on any given streaming service, but by the time you look back at the clock, you’ve pounded your way through five episodes. To keep this from becoming the norm, R.L. Adams, a contributor to, recommends taking advantage of your timing apps and setting timers for yourself for both things you want to do and things you don’t want to do. By only allowing yourself so much time to indulge in technology, you’ll realize faster when it’s time to be done. And by setting a timer for tasks that you need to get done, it will help you buckle down and get your productivity going.

Tracking Systems

How many hours of your life do you think you’ve spent searching for items like your keys and wallet? Probably more than you’d like to admit. To reduce this time, Drew Hendricks, a contributor to, recommends getting things like Kevo Lock Smart or Tile to make it easier to find these items. The software in this tech makes it so you can easily locate or even accomplish tasks without physically having these items. If you waste a lot of time looking for things like this, this tech could make your life a lot more efficient.

If you’re interested in ways that you can make better use of your time at home, use the tech tips mentioned above.