4 Tips For Getting Your Kids To Eat More Veggies and Fruits

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In order to raise healthy kids who will become healthy adults, you should encourage them to eat good foods. When your kids eat a diet rich in veggies and fresh fruits you are making sure that they are getting all of the necessary vitamins that they require in order to build strong bodies and become the healthiest versions of themselves possible.

Sometimes, however, it can be a challenge to get them to eat healthy food since their taste buds aren’t yet fully developed and they are more particular about certain consistencies and textures. In order to get them to eat these kinds of foods in their younger years, sometimes it can take some creativity. Here are some of the best tips for creatively getting your kids to eat their fruits and veggies.

Hide The Veggies In Sauces

One old trick that lots of moms like to do is hide veggies pureed into spaghetti sauce. Most kids love to eat pasta sauce so this something that should be easy to disguise inside their normal sauce.

You can put all sorts of things that blend nicely into a tomato puree. Try any variety of green vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, and even kale. You’d be surprised what you can disguise with some pasta sauce and cheese on top! Combine this with some pasta made from whole grains and vegetables and you’ll have given them a full day’s worth of vegetables in a single serving!

Make Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to put together a healthy cold icy drink full of all sorts of fresh fruits. Kids are usually open to smoothies since they are brightly colored and icy. They are sweet and you can add all sorts of things to make them even sweeter like honey or agave syrup.

Try to get them to have a smoothie a day and you’ll never have to worry about forcing them to eat a banana again! They can even have fun helping you make the smoothies. It can be fun to watch all the different ingredients transform into an icy treat.

Set Up a Reward System

If your kids have something that they’ve been wanting to get like a toy or a special trip somewhere, you can use a reward system. Try setting up something like a sticker chart. What this does is set up positive reinforcement which encourages them to earn even more stickers in order to eventually reach their goal.

Set The Example

If kids don’t see you eating your fruits and veggies then they are going to be less inclined to do so themselves. Make sure that you set the good example for what you want them to do themselves.

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