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DNA Evidence Confirmed Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother

Somali Muslim migrant and now a Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar married her biological brother, DNA evidence confirmed earlier this year. However, the FBI refused to investigate the crime.

The Evidence against Ilhan Omar

On August 15, 2021, the New York Post reported that FBI raided and arrested Minnesota GOP operative Anton Lazarro just hours after he posted online DNA evidence showing that Ilhan Omar had married her brother Ahmed Elmi.

But before Lazarro could share the results with the media, he was arrested Thursday on underage sex-trafficking charges and jailed pending a court hearing Monday.

Was FBI quickly covering up for Ilhan Omar’s immigration fraud?

Omar has long been suspected of marrying her alleged brother Ahmed Elmi, who was a British citizen at that time, in 2009 to make him a US citizen. He came and lived with Omar in the United States. Omar was officially still married to Elmi when sown in as MN state congresswoman in 2016.

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The website details the marriage-divorce history of Omar and shows the documented proof showing her and Elmi’s DNA test results. Lazarro and a group of conservative donors had hired private investigators to run the investigation on 3 different continents, leading to the DNA tests after samples were collected from Omar and Elmi. The results showed a 99.999998 match – in plain language, 100 percent.

FBI Not Willing to Investigate

The FBI, meanwhile, refused to investigate alleging that it is not needed because Elmi is not in the United States anymore. This sounded like an act of looking the other way since Omar has been and still is in the U.S. The story also noted that FBI stated the statute of limitations had run out in this case. But there is no statute of limitations for immigration fraud.

FBI’s lack of will to investigate the allegations and documented evidence of alleged marital and immigration fraud by Ilhan Omar has since become a question of the agency’s credibility and seriousness in investigating real crimes.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News raised this question on his show that discussed the DNA evidence in the case.

Despite denying that the allegations are not true, Omar has not provided any proof refusing the evidence against her nor has she sued the accusers.

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