The Environmental Impact of Carpooling

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There are lots of companies across the UK that are embracing the idea of carpooling. From organisations that gently request employees team up with new starters in sharing the drive into the office, to those that have introduced proactive car share programmes, there has been a real move towards giving our colleagues a lift in recent years.

There are plenty of reasons why there has been a push towards regularly giving team mates a lift. As well as presenting cross-team communication and saving money on fuel, it also has a positive impact on the environment. Here’s how giving the new person in accounts a ride can help our planet.

Reduced Emissions

Emissions are the biggest culprits when it comes to the damage our motors are doing to the environment. Therefore, by having one less car on the road, it means that there are not as many emissions being released into the atmosphere.

In addition, many of us are shopping for cars according to their green credentials. For those seeking vehicles that are emitting little – or even no – harmful gases, by carpooling using our greener cars, we’re further reducing emissions.

Less Fuel

While fuel has always been known for having a harmful impact on the planet, petrol and diesel cars in particular have come under fire recently for contributing to our pollution problems. In addition to releasing gases into the air, at their extraction there are issues with harming the areas they are sourced from, so places such as Antarctica have been protected from drilling for fuel.

By sharing the drive, therefore, less fuel is needed. Even by taking one car off the road in this way, we are helping towards conserving the fuel resources we have.

Land Efficiency

Car sharing means that there is one less parking space being taken up. Whether you work in a huge office block or a tiny building, parking in most cities and towns are at a premium.

Sharing the ride into work means one less parking space required. That’s one less part of town that is going to require expanding or reserving for someone’s car. Road expansion and the need to introduce more car parking can have a detrimental effect on beauty spots, so if this can be avoided by carpooling, then even better.

So, as well as offering you some company on the lonely drive to the office and someone you can bounce ideas off on the way home, car sharing is the perfect way to protect the planet.

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