Love is Real Movement Unites Diverse Voices in Pre-Passover Dinner Against Modern-Day Slavery

Los Angeles, California – In an inspiring show of unity, the Love is Real movement held a pre-Passover dinner, bringing together individuals from diverse faiths, backgrounds, and races. This inclusive gathering of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and atheists aimed to celebrate freedom and strategize for a cohesive, slavery-free future.

Love is Real

Under the banner of “Love is Real,” attendees stood shoulder to shoulder, resolute in their desire to build a unified community and end the enduring scourge of slavery. Civil rights leaders, faith activists, and cultural influencers collaborated to cement this step towards creating a more inclusive and loving world.

Notable participants included Ted Hayes, civil rights and homelessness activist; William “Mickey” Stevenson, Motown’s pioneering music executive; Bishop J.C. Mendez, leader of the Churches for Action coalition; Rabbi David Baron, an entertainment industry spiritual leader; and Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn of Shpait. Their voices, along with many others, emphasized the urgency of the cause.

love is real movement. image c/o LRM.
Love is Real Movement. image c/o LRM.

“Never have I felt more accepted,” shared Maytal, an activist and attendee. “As an Indigenous Jewish-American-Israeli woman of color, I’ve often felt overlooked. Here, people stood united for love and against hate.”

While Passover commemorates freedom from slavery in Egypt, the event focused on modern forms of slavery. Organizers declared, “From Nigeria to Israel, we must expose the atrocities and modern-day slavery in Africa. We must also highlight the plight of Israeli civilians who are used as slaves in Gaza.”

In an unprecedented move, the group called for January 1st to be recognized as Emancipation Proclamation Day, a national holiday honoring the abolition of chattel slavery in the U.S. “Love and unity will prevail,” asserted Ted Hayes.

The Love is Real movement stands firm in its mission to counter misinformation and hate. Through community dinners, social media initiatives, and policy collaboration with the White House, it seeks to amplify grassroots efforts to combat antisemitism, racism, and other forms of discrimination.

The road ahead may be challenging, but the group remains undeterred. With each step, the Love is Real movement aims to foster unity and guide people toward a better world where “togetherness is a blessing for all.”

The movement shares its messages of unity in its instagram account.

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