Europe Worried Russia May Cut Off Gas – What Did They Expect?

Like a couple in an abusive relationship, Europe has maligned Russia since it went into Donbass in February this year to protect the local people there from Ukraine’s oppression. After taking the opportunity to repair a pipeline turbine, Russia showed them it too can play and even beat them at their own game.

This story reads like a movie script.

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Europe’s Gas Dependency on Russia

The EU already advised European countries to cut their Russian gas use, signaling they would stop buying from them eventually. It seems their idea was to take extra Russian gas, store it, and then, having secured sufficient gas, cut off Russia’s cashflow.

Nord Stream 1, the main pipeline that carries Russian gas to Germany has gone offline for maintenance for 10 days. Siemens, a German company, could repair the turbine in Canada, a country determined to place sanctions on Russia. The turbine flew to Canada and was repaired.

Canada, enforcing sanctions ordered by a senile and frail Joe Biden impounded the repaired Russian turbine, effectively “weaponizing” it. But then the Canadian Prime Minister said Russia was weaponizing the pipeline by not providing gas to Europe. And so the hostage-repaired turbine should be sent back.

In the movie version of this, supply chain issues would delay repairs and faulty parts would be used. On the way back to Germany, the plane would crash-land, and cause unseen microscopic damage.

Then there would be delays and squabbling over whose fault it was, and Europe would continue to antagonize Russia and their friends.

The Real-Life Political Thriller

In this real-life movie script, strange and interesting things are happening – things that sometimes make no sense. NewsBlaze movie critic Miv Evans would likely assess this movie as completely unbelievable. Yet here we are.

In this movie, the president of the USA is a corrupt Alzheimer’s patient, a puppet manipulated by the establishment. His administration printed trillions of worthless dollars, and caused inflation. They pretended all the economic fallout was the fault of Russia that was stopping Ukraine from shelling civilians in Donbass because the region declared independence.

A year into Biden’s controversial presidency, gas prices jumped sky high because the president blocked the completion of a pipeline from Canada to the USA and focused on the green energy narrative instead of maintaining or increasing domestic oil production. That killed US self-sufficiency in oil and gas.

Nobody knows how US strategic oil reserves were sold to an enemy nation that wants to supplant the US as top dog. Biden in desperation went to Saudi Arabia, a frenemy, to beg for more of their oil to save the day. The trip was an embarrassment and a humiliated Biden returned home to face criticism from both political sides.

Putin Beating the West Again

Geopolitics is a very strange game. And Russian President Vladimir Putin plays like a master salesman in a negotiating game with his amateur rivals. To date, as Ukraine continues to surrender on key battlefields, Putin is winning and his political foes are hiding behind dishonest and misleading media stories to escape public embarrassment.

Just like he defeated the Obama-Biden administration in Syria, Putin is all set to beat the Biden-Harris administration in Ukraine this time along with its globalist leftist establishment from all continents.

This movie has not finished, and unbelievable as it is, the real life part of it is getting worse. The most amazing part is that half of the world’s population thinks there is nothing to see here, that everything is “normal.”

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