Polio Vaccine Brings Polio Back to New York

Polio is back in America, thanks to the oral polio vaccine that has been spreading polio around the world for decades.

Last month, a case of vaccine-derived polio was detected in Rockland County New York and it made news. The New York State Department of Health stated that the patient was infected with the polio Sabin type 2 virus that is caused by a mutated version of the Sabin vaccine for polio administered orally. Since the use of the oral vaccine was stopped in America and the west over two decades ago due to the known risk of spreading polio derived from the virus in the vaccine, the only way such a case could happen in New York would be via getting infected by someone who received the oral polio vaccine – which is still given to millions of children in low-income/backward countries.

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The oral polio vaccine has paralyzed thousands and thousands of children over the decades in the underdeveloped world where the World Health Organization (WHO) chose not to stop its use for corporate and political reasons. Since 2016, Africa has seen no wild (naturally occurring) polio cases – meaning all polio spread since then has been by the strains of virus spread via the polio vaccine. In a single year, more than 400 cases of polio caused by the oral polio vaccine in Africa were reported in the journal nature.

The return of the vaccine-derived polio in New York made the corporate media nervous and they started to put the usual spin on the risks of the oral polio vaccine that spreads the polio virus. Yahoo News featured a story by Times Herald-Record that attempted to cover up the fact that New York’s polio case was the direct result of the oral polio vaccine. According to the story the CDC found polio virus in wastewater samples from Orange County (NY). The story cited the health department as:

That provides “further evidence of local – not international – transmission of a polio virus that can cause paralysis and potential community spread….

Interestingly, the story completely ignored the fact that health department had previously admitted detecting the vaccine-derived polio virus in the Rockland County case and that it must have come from someone who was administered that vaccine with the live virus in it.

This shift in position seems to be protective of the oral polio vaccine as well as immigration from countries infected with the polio virus spread via the vaccine.

The website ProPublica – which has a claim to Investigative Journalism in the Public Interest – published a vaccine-promoting story that went against science and reason as it claimed that the oral polio vaccine does a good job in spreading the live polio virus in unvaccinated populations and make people immune against polio. The story claimed that only the unvaccinated will be affected by vaccine-derived polio virus; yet didn’t question why a healthy community will be intentionally infected with a potentially dangerous virus via the vaccine. Cases of polio among vaccinated children around the world also fail ProPublica’s claim.

The media is now using the New York polio case to scaremonger people into taking the polio vaccine again. Without questioning the use of the oral polio vaccine that has been spreading the infection around much of the world.

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