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U.S. Military Admits Killing Afghan Children, Not ISIS

The U.S. military and the Biden administration have been compelled to admit that they killed innocent children in an attack about which they lied by saying it killed ISIS terrorists.

The New York Post reported that on Friday (September 17) the head of US Central Command admitted to killing of civilians in the August 29th drone strike. General Kenneth McKenzie Jr. was cited as:

I am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to seven children, were tragically killed in that strike.

The Biden administration had claimed that the attack targeted and killed ISIS terrorists and mainstream media presented the claim as fact despite no evidence of its authenticity. NewsBlaze cited sources as early as September 1st reporting that the US military attack killed civilians including children, thus indicating the Biden administration had lied. The attack came as a rushed attempt to win some praise for Biden after the world-scale failure of his administration in Afghanistan that led to the shocking death of 13 American soldiers.

Sky News reported how Biden shows virtually no remorse for his failure in securing the troops and civilians against Islamic terror in Afghanistan.

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Apology for Killing Civilians and Children

Breitbart wrote that Gen McKenzie apologized in his statement for the death of civilians saying that seven of those killed were children. The story also included 10 questions for Biden to answer over the killing of civilians and children in Afghanistan.

Tucker Carlson weighed in on the big failures and deaths caused by the incompetent administration of Biden and the controversial General Milley in his latest show on Fox News. Carlson pointed to Milley’s tone of reconciliation toward the Taliban and even indication of possible collaboration with the Islamic terrorists under the rationale of fighting ISIS.

General Milley Called a Traitor

The criticism of the incompetence of General Milley in failing to secure the lives of American soldiers as well as killing innocent Afghan children instead of targeting terrorists comes on top of the recent revelation that he tried to go around President Trump’s back and tried to assure China of assistance against the US President. TownHall called Milley a “traitor” and a “disgrace to his uniform” after the revelation made news.

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