Patrick Dwyer Knows How to Make His Rich Clients Richer

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Patrick Dwyer of Merrill Lynch is one of the nation’s premier financial advisors; he and his team handle nearly three billion dollars in asset management funds for their dozens of well-heeled clients. Under the corporate name of Dwyer & Associates, Dwyer works out of Miami to guarantee his client base is not just well-served but able to invest their income with the sure knowledge that their money will be grown safely and securely, and continuously!

When Patrick Dwyer was young he observed his own father generously donate to the church they attended, even when the family finances were rather thin. Dwyer credits his father’s example of tithing to a church organization for his lifelong commitment to returning benefits to the community. In recent years he and his immediate family have created the Dwyer Family Foundation to support education and freedom of religion in the Central Florida region, especially in and around Dade County. Dwyer’s foundation is currently involved in programs to help public school teachers get special training to help them deal with dyslexic children in the classroom and special seminars and classes to help girls become more committed to studying and pursuing careers in the hard sciences such as math and physics. The Dwyer Foundation is also behind numerous environmental conservancy programs in grade schools and high schools.

Mr. Dwyer himself is part of the Board of Trustees that governs the Carrollton Sacred Heart School just outside of Miami. He also works directly with the Telluride Science Research Center and the Neuroscience Center of Florida. His main personal philanthropic projects are funneled through the Key Biscayne Community Foundation.

Patrick Dwyer is a firm believer in niche marketing and investing in his clients. He started out with Merrill Lynch back in the 90’s, handling accounts for a wide variety of investors. He quickly learned that one single investment strategy doesn’t necessarily work for all. So he began tailoring his investment plans for each individual client, until he found himself working for his clients nearly 24/7. That’s when he decided to specialize. He chose high end investors, and quickly stitched together a team of like-minded financial advisors who could help their wealthy customer protect their current assets from new tax laws and could also make sure their already substantial financial investments continued to grow even during recessionary downturns. Now Dwyer finds he has plenty of time not only to help his clients grow wealthier, but also to spend quality time with his family at home and on long, interesting vacations.

In a recent interview with financial reporters Dwyer explained that part of his success is from his daily habits. He rises early, around five, and works out at the gym five days a week. He reads the national and international finance sections of all the major newspapers before going into the office, where he spends his mornings working on marketing strategy with his team. In the afternoon he meets exclusively with clients, often taking them to one of his favorite vegetarian restaurants for lunch. He is always home by seven in the evening.

His advice to beginning financial management entrepreneurs is simple: There’s always a bull market somewhere in the financial world today; you just have to find it and exploit it.

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