A Persian Silk Flower Blooming And Shining Brightly On The Plant

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Walk into any Millennial’s home and you’ll likely find a houseplant or two – or 100. It’s a growing trend – filling urban apartments with house plants. They’re called urban rainforests or house jungles, and they’re popping up everywhere on Instagram.

If you have a bad habit of killing plants or live in an apartment with no room to grow plants outdoors, don’t panic. You can still jump on the houseplant trend. Buying hardy, durable plants is the key to success, experts say. Some houseplants are harder to kill than others.

Tugce Menguc, Urban Stem’s own plant expert, says to look for plants with dark green leaves. The rich color is an indication of the plant’s ability to photosynthesize more efficiently and make the best use of low light conditions.

Pothos plants are a great example of a hard-to-kill plant. They can be planted in soil or kept in water. They only need to be watered once a week, but they can tolerate drought well. They don’t necessarily need full sunlight, and they grow slowly and steadily.

Snake plants can grow to be extremely tall over time, and their slim profile complements narrow spaces. Experts say these plants only need to be watered once a week, and they do well in low light areas.

The ZZ Plant thrives in low light, bright light and even no light. These plants are so green that they are often mistaken for an artificial plant. Just add water when the soil feels dry.

Junipers are also a popular low-maintenance houseplant. There are more than 170 different varieties of this plant, which is very durable. Junipers only need a moderate amount of direct sunlight. Many Millennials favor junipers because of their fragrant scent and appearance.

Many plant experts also recommend the Chinese Evergreen for those who want easy-care plants. This plant can thrive in drought, low-humidity and low-light conditions. The Chinese Evergreen plant can live for years, and its appearance only becomes more impressive over time.

Succulents are another class of plants that are easy to care for, but it’s easy to go overboard with watering. Garden stores recommend giving the plant a few hours of sunlight each day and only watering when the soil is bone dry.

Parlor palms are another favorite among Millennials and easy-care gardeners. They add a tropical vibe to the home and are easy to maintain. Parlor palms do well in low light conditions and don’t require frequent watering.