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Windows 10 System Performance Rating

Windows 10 System Performance Rating 1

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The Windows 7 end of life date is rapidly approaching. Support for the popular operating system will officially end in January 2020, less than a year away.

To avoid the associated security issues, many people are beginning to switch their Windows 7 computers over to a newer version. Windows 10 is the most popular option, but is it worth it?

Whether you’re upgrading from Windows 7 or just trying to decide which OS is best for you, check out our comprehensive Windows 10 system performance rating. Read on to learn about its features and figure out which version is right for you.

Pros of Windows 10

Windows 10 has a lot of attractive features, especially after it’s most recent 2018 updates. Here are a few of the most innovative ones.

Quick Login

Tired of typing in a complex password every time your screen falls asleep, but not ready to give up the security it provides? With Windows Hello, you can keep your login secure without ever having to type a password again.

Windows Hello lets you sign in with your fingerprint, face, or iris. All you need is a fingerprint scanner or compatible camera. After you’ve set up the program, you can log into your computer with a quick glance or finger swipe.

Intuitive Interface

The Windows 10 interface is very similar to that of Windows 8, making it an easy adjustment for many users. Even if you haven’t used previous versions of Windows, it’s easy to navigate and provides a great user experience.

The interface is just as compatible with standard laptops and PCs as it is with touchscreen devices. If you’re using Windows 10 on mobile, enable the “tablet mode” setting to make it more touch-friendly.


Cortana is Microsoft’s built-in virtual assistant. She can be accessed via voice or typed commands and integrates seamlessly with Windows software.

A truly customizable virtual assistant, she can keep you updated on news in your fields of interest, notify you of upcoming appointments, track packages, and more. She also helps you perform detailed searches of the internet and your own local files.

Cortana’s most recent updates also allow her to interact with a variety of smart home devices and play music from a Spotify account.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Before the 2018 update, most people used Edge primarily as a vehicle to install other browser software. But since then, Microsoft has given Edge some serious upgrades that allow it to compete with Chrome and Firefox.

One of these features is the no-autoplay setting. When enabled, it keeps annoying videos and ads from automatically playing as you browse the web. Chrome offered this feature in the past but has since disabled it.

Edge’s other attractive features include Cortana integration, improved browsing speeds, and “web notes, ” which allow you to annotate web pages.

The Start Menu Returns

A substantial number of Windows 8 users were upset by the lack of a classic start menu. Microsoft listened to their complaints, and a new and improved start menu made a comeback in Windows 10. It combines the classic program list with touch-friendly tiles to make navigating your computer a breeze.

Updated Security

Windows 10 comes with a variety of upgraded security features to keep your computer safe from attacks. Windows Defender now comes with Application and Device Guard, which protects you from harmful apps and websites while still allowing you whitelist ones that you trust. It also comes with an updated built-in virus scanner and an easily accessible security center.

Cons to Windows 10

While Windows 10 has an impressive list of benefits, no software is without its drawbacks.

First, make sure that your computer hardware is capable of running a modern OS. If you’re working with an outdated device, installing Windows 10 may cause your system to crash. Read up on the hardware requirements for Windows 10 before making a purchase.

Secondly, some more privacy-minded users are unhappy with Microsoft’s automatic collection of user data. If this bothers you, make sure to opt out by modifying the privacy settings during setup. You can also use the Privacy Center to manage your stored Microsoft account data.

Finally, Windows 10 no longer comes with the classic Media Player program pre-installed. If you want to watch DVDs on your device, you’ll have to purchase the media app separately from the Microsoft store. There are also free third-party apps, like VLC media player, that can fill the Media Player void.

Home vs. Pro Plans

Windows 10 Home is the standard plan and should fit the needs of most users. If you’re looking for heightened security measures or business features, though, it may be worth investing in the Pro version.

Let’s talk security first. The home plan already comes with high security, including features like device encryption and trusted boot. If you’re hoping to use BitLocker drive encryption, though, you’ll have to use the Pro plan.

If you’re using your computer for business, the Pro edition may be a better fit. It contains advanced management features that minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with IT and maximize your productivity. These include cloud-based remote access, Windows Store for business, and group policy access.

Where to Purchase Windows 10

Windows 10 comes pre-installed on many new PCs and laptops, but it’s also available for individual purchase. Windows 10 Home is available from Microsoft for $139.00 USD, while the Pro edition starts at $199.00 USD.

You can also buy Windows 10 Professional or Home through a third-party seller, such as Turnkey Point. Turnkey Point customer service is always available to answer your questions as you make decisions on which software to purchase.

Final Thoughts on the Windows 10 System Performance Rating

All things considered, Windows 10 is an excellent operating system that has all the features most users could need, and Microsoft continues to release helpful updates and improvements. And if you’re currently running Windows 7 or 8, it’s definitely worth the upgrade.

Installing the Windows 10 OS makes it easy to keep your computer safe and operating at peak performance. Make sure to check out our blog to learn about four other things you should be doing to protect your computer from viruses.

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