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When you learn about animals in the wild, you often hear about creditors that are stalking their prey. Many of the stories that you will hear about animals is that, in their constant search for food, they will inevitably clash with the animals in the same area. Even stories about herbivores such as horses, elephants, and many others often discuss how some animal species simply cannot get along. Even stories of birds, especially birds of prey, always present a negative angle to these animals that are in the wilderness together. However, when you hear about birds, especially those that are in the jungles, the stories are very different. For example, in the tropical rain forests of Costa Rica, a place with over 800 different bird species, they are somehow able to live together in peace. Let’s discuss why many different bird species can manage to live together without the slightest conflict.

Why Do Some Birds Live Together Without Any Problems?

If you are looking at birds that are living in a tropical rain forest, or even a jungle, they tend to get along. These are creatures that will choose what could actually be very limited space, and in that area, they will form a type of community. Although they are not going to interact together as people would, they are able to stay within their boundaries most of the time. Since these birds are not feeding upon each other, this also helps in maintaining this type of balance.

What About Birds That Are In The City?

There are always going to be stories about birds of prey in the city feeding on other birds that live in the general area. For example, travel to New York City, and be in the midst of one of the largest populations of Peregrine falcons. The reason that they are able to continue to grow in numbers is because of the large population of pigeons that are also in the area. Although they are also referred to as a duck hawk, more times than not, they can be seen diving from the tops of buildings, going after a pigeon that they will need to eat in order to survive. However, there are many other types of birds that do not feed as a carnivore. They are herbivores, constantly looking for grass and seeds. Therefore, the vast majority of birds that live in the city are also able to get along because of their diet.

What Types Of Birds Tend To Be The Most Peaceful?

According to the latest statistics, there are nearly 10,000 different bird species in the world. Of those, just a small percentage of them are carnivores. It is the diet of the birds that tends to decide whether or not they can live together peacefully. That is why when you get to a tropical rain forest, such as one in Costa Rica, that you have over 800 species of birds that live together without any conflict. In addition to most of them feeding upon seeds and plants that grow, there is an overabundance of food. Costa Rica is at a latitude that allows food to grow on a continual basis, and that makes it easier for all of the birds to survive. Even the birds that feed on bugs are going to be extremely happy. Jungles and rain forests will always supply them with an ample amount of this airborne food. The most peaceful birds are those that do not consume larger living animals, and you will not find a lot of those in these tropical locations.

Bird Species Tend To Find A Balance

It should also be noted that bird species naturally try to find some type of balance. They are genetically designed to harmonize with their environment. Within a jungle setting, or even in a large forest in north America, the balanced lives that they live have been this way for thousands of years. It is only when you introduce birds that are carnivores that you are going to see a significant change in the way that they live. They will no longer be singing and going about their lives in a carefree manner. They will constantly be on the lookout for birds of prey that could potentially cause them harm. This is one of the reasons why people will travel all the way to Costa Rica in order to experience this type of balanced environment. It is a destination that is not only beautiful, but is representative of how it should be, with birds and people living together without any conflict.

What About Birds That Are In Areas Without A Forest?

Not all birds are going to live in an area that will have a forest or canopy. There are some that live far north, in the tundra of the Arctic, and as far south as Antarctica. In these locations, it is not common for birds of prey to be very common. It may actually be why they have migratory patterns that take them into these locations where they often breed and raise their young. Even penguins are able to live together in harmony, yet this is also because, there are very few natural predators that will be attacking them. The only exception would be birds that go into the water in order to feed. There will always be animals like seals that can disrupt this balance. For the most part, however, birds all over the world, at every latitude and longitude, tend to find a peaceful way to exist with one another.

If you do get a chance to visit an area like Costa Rica where there are hundreds of different bird species, you will see firsthand how so many birds can live together without any problems. In fact, these birds are often referenced when people are talking about the ideal world, a place where getting along is the standard or the norm. At the very least, the fact that birds can coexist so easily gives people hope about their own situation. Not only are they beautiful to see, but they provide us with a glimpse of what it would be like if human beings could live together peacefully instead of constantly interacting in some type of conflict. Contact Costa Rica Focus for more information on birding tours to Costa Rica.