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If you have to get from one place to another, then one of your priorities is going to be your method of transportation. Maybe you have to get to work. Maybe you have to get to school. Maybe you’re in charge of driving other people. All of those things are going to have come under consideration when you choose your method of travel.

Feel the options that you’re going to have included buying a new car, purchasing a bicycle, figuring out how to use mass transportation, or potentially working your way through alternative methods. Ultimately, your decision is going to be about practicality, budget, and timeline.

A New Car

If you have the money and you have the need, then buying a new car is going to be one of the next things on your priority list. Especially if you don’t live in an urban area, a car may be a necessity if you need to get places quickly after you’re notified of some sort of need. And buying a car doesn’t necessarily mean buying a new car. It might mean purchasing a used car. Or maybe you could even get a lease or use a rental. The more options you consider, the better you’re going to figure out which one works the best for you.

Ride a Bicycle

If you’re somewhere that has bike paths or that traffic in cars can be a problem, then using a commuter bicycle is an ideal option. Not only will it be less expensive than a car, but you’re also getting healthy and saving the environment one bike trip at a time. Especially in cities, people who learned to ride bikes to get around tend to be more active, happier, and have more money than their vehicle-bound counterparts.

Mass Transportation

Another option if you’re trying to get from one place to another is using mass transportation. Most large cities have buses, taxis, and subways to help people get around, but it does take some practice to use them efficiently. Some cities have absolutely amazing mass transit options, and those the places where thinking about buying a car might not even enter into your equation.

The Alternative Methods

Finally, there are alternative methods of getting around. Some people have chosen to purchase electric skateboards. Some people get around by roller skating. There are always electric bikes that have potential, and in certain places, something like a Segway might even be in the cards. Just because a transportation option isn’t typical doesn’t mean that it can’t be useful. Especially when it comes to electric skateboards, a lot of city dwellers have found that it’s the perfect combination of power and portability, so if you can handle the initial investment, it can be your perfect option.