Why does SEO Rule the Roost?

Recently, an article by BBC reiterated how going back to SEO basics is the best way in which search engine optimization services can truly make a mark in this intensely competitive business environment. This is why Nenen, an experienced SEO company in Dubai, prefers to first get the foundation of basics rights to create robust SEO strategies for top search engine rankings. Although there are several important aspects of digital marketing to focus on, SEO still remains one of the key areas of focus. What makes a search engine marketing agency such an important entity? We take a look at the various factors that make SEO such an important aspect for any digital marketing campaign.

What Makes SEO so Important?

  • Visibility Enhancement: As most prominent research will tell you, as many as 93% web surfers never bother to check-out the second page of the search engine results, the search terminates at the first page and all the attention is won by the links that find place on top few positions on this very first page. When you are planning to showcase a product or service online, your prospective client will only settle for a choice after extensive research. Therefore, the more frequently you appear before the consumer as a top option, the more likely it is for them to choose you. And the more you optimize your content and make it search engine friendly, the more your visibility will improve. This is why search engine optimized content becomes extremely important for business.
  • Robust Branding: Branding and visibility walk hand in hand. As your brand becomes more and more visible to customers, they gain an understanding of your brand message, which in turn motivates them to choose the brand. In the modern world, search engines are exploited to the hilt when it comes to gathering information about products and services. Appearing prominently in every search engine query result will ensure improved brand recall and add credibility to your brand, which in turn fosters trust among the consumer base. This is how improved search engine rankings, propelled by strong SEO strategies, can help in brand building and enhanced business prospects.
  • Traffic Generation: When you have a website that showcases your products or services, you will need traffic in-flow to this site. Although traffic will not always translate into sales, you will need to ensure effective traffic regulation in a suitable direction to ensure a better conversion rate. This is why it is important to understand your target market and then optimize your digital marketing to engage them through various types of content, including text, images, videos and more. A search engine marketing agency will be able to help you understand what kind of searches you target demographic is likely to conduct and then optimize your content for that.

Treading the extra mile to devise a fool-proof search engine marketing strategy helps in cost effective publicity with high return on investment. It is, therefore, totally worth the time, effort and cost.

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