A Better Quality Of Life In Retirement Homes

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Can digital signage improve quality of life in retirement homes? Digital signage is designed to improve communities and individual health by sharing information and creating a better environment in shared spaces. Digital signage solutions can have a positive impact on retirement residences and their communities by keeping residents better informed about everything from events to new residents to nutritional information.

If you want to do something that will improve quality of life in a retirement residence, consider the difference digital signage solutions can make.

Share Nutritional Info

As people age, their dietary needs change and there are unique nutritional recommendations for seniors available. A senior’s metabolism is much slower, so necessary calories go down without a lot of exercise. Seniors also produce less fluids in their digestive systems, making it harder to absorb essential vitamins. Some recommendations for a senior’s diet include:

  • Introducing a greater proportion of whole grains
  • Making at least half of a plate vegetables and fruit
  • Significantly reducing sodium intake

You can use digital displays and signage solutions in your cafeteria to advertise health and nutritional information. That will help residents know what they’re eating and how to make healthier choices at meal times. Digital signage solutions are also incredibly easy to update. The digital display platform from Netvisual was designed to make it easy for restaurant and hospitality industries to include and update nutritional information according to local legislation. It’s remarkably easy to update nutritional information like calorie counts as well as change the menu items on digital displays with the time of day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Advertise Community Events

Got special events planned? Digital signage solutions are great for keeping the community informed about upcoming events. Digital displays located in common areas make it quick and easy to spread information about upcoming events as well as daily activities. Event hosting is one of the most important ways a retirement residence can foster community and provide residents with meaningful activities. Some great events beyond your usual daily activities might include:

  • Classes and lectures
  • Art and theatre performances
  • Music
  • Financial planning consultations
  • Holiday events

The right digital signage solution makes events like these easy to promote.

In-suite Channel

One final advantage of digital displays from Netvisual is the ability to incorporate your digital display channel on in-suite TVs. That means residents can catch up on events and community news anytime they want from the comfort of their own suites. As a supplement to communal area displays, an in-suite channel takes resident communication to the next level.

Digital signage is a great way to connect with residents. It’s simple, non-intrusive, and flexible. Digital signage solutions can be adapted to provide entertainment, atmosphere, news, and information. Working with digital signage companies like Netvisual, retirement residences can design custom digital signage solutions that fit their communal areas, lobbies, hallways, and cafeterias. They’ll improve community relationships and quality of life for residents. It’s time to start thinking about digital signage.

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