Tips, Techniques and Trends For 2016: Fitness That Works 1

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The fitness industry keeps getting smarter. Doctors, physical therapists, sports medicine enthusiasts, and nutritionists are getting more data about what works for different people, and in turn they’re putting out countless new ways for individuals to find their own fitness and nutrition goals. You see announcements about advancements on the news all the time, and there are new products being put out every day to help you in the right direction as well.

Some of the categories of advancement that you’ll keep seeing in breaking news sections include information about supplemental nutrition, equipment-free workouts, making group efforts stick, using apps as reminder and gauges, and being careful to avoid anything that’s too extreme.

Supplemental Nutrition

When you get into a modern fitness routine, especially the ones that specialize toward a certain amount of energy output, buying nutritional supplements is going to come with the process. There are lots of really intense studies done about carbs, protein, sugar, caloric burns with certain exercises, times eating and drinking regimens – the list goes on. So you can just be fit by working out, you have to eat scientifically as well.

Equipment-Free Workouts

There are also lots of news reports that suggest that doing equipment-free workouts gives you more flexibility about when you do your fitness routines, which helps you turn them into a habit rather than something to avoid (we all know that inner voice that complains about having to go somewhere to use equipment, or how much trouble it is to get weights out and then put them away again). So to stick with your goals, being able to do variations of calisthenics is a great tip.

Group Efforts That Stick

New research also suggests that one of the better ways to form new habits is by including social pressure. When it comes to fitness, this means working out as a group. All of you prop each other up with messages and challenges, and fitness goals become much more of a positive effort.

Use Your Apps

There are tons of new apps to help you work out as well. There are reminder apps and calendar apps. There are apps that count your calories. There are apps with linked devices that measure your speed, heart rate, and potentially even muscle use in the more advanced ones. All of these can be used to your advantage.

Watch Out For Anything That Seems Extreme

One thing to be careful of if you choose to jump into the fitness world is to avoid some of the extreme suggestions that come out. Working out shouldn’t cause injury or any great shock to your system. This includes rapid changes in diet or exercise. Slow and steady is going to be the way to go!