5 Practical Exterior Design Considerations For Your Home

Owning a house is a big investment and as much of a responsibility as you want to make it for yourself. And this responsibility means that you have to pay attention to the interior design as desired, but the exterior design as required.

Examples of the practical aspects of exterior design specifically would be what you decide for things like the type of gutters, or the type of siding on the home, or what kind of roof and shingles you want to use, if you plan on using solar panels as energy sources, and even the location of the outdoor air conditioning until. These are major decisions that have real consequences, and carefully choices should be made.

The Gutters

When it comes to installing gutters on your home, you’re looking at a number of variables, and a number of consequences to various decisions you make. If you’re fighting against leaves, dirt, and debris, one kind of gutter is good. If you’re working against icicles, bees nests, and torturous installation or cleaning processes, another kind of gutter is going to fit the bill. So to make this choice, which can be a pricey one no matter which direction you go, take into account all weather and environmental conditions before you make the purchase.

The Siding

When it’s time to repair or replace the siding on your home, that’s another good decision tree that you need to follow carefully. Your siding would ideally be the right balance of cost, ease of installation, match with your current home’s style, ease of repair, overall quality in terms of weather protection, and even color availability. The difference between types of siding are quite extreme, both in terms of longevity and price, so get as much information as possible before making a final decision.

The Roof Type

And depending on if you’re building a new home, or you just have to totally redo your current situation, knowing different types of roofs, how they’re installed, how much they cost, how good they are against certain weather conditions, and other fast facts like that are going to be vital parts of your choosing. Beyond that, there’s also style, texture, and color, which many people are picky about from a design standpoint.

Solar Energy Options

And for those of you who are part of the green movement, one exterior design element to think about early on is whether you’re going to install solar panels on your home. They have a solid initial cost, but between lowered energy costs and tax breaks, you can come out ahead in the long run.

Air Conditioning Units

And if you need heating a cooling, choosing where to put your outside unit is pretty important to some people. The units themselves can be a little unsightly, so though you have to keep them close for pragmatism, putting them in the right location to work with yard design makes sense.

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