Author: Armando Duke

Americans Are Getting Fatter and Obesity May Be the Norm by 2015

(AXcess News) Houston – A recent study revealed that Americans are getting fatter and that obesity may be the norm by 2015 if something isn’t done about it. The ramifications to society there as a whole are huge with health at the forefront if Americans don’t take control of their diet and exercise regime. The study predicts that 75 percent of American adults will be overweight with 41 percent of those obese by 2015. But the prediction is based on looking back over the last thirty years in which 0.3 to 0.8 percent per year was the average increase in U.S. population weight gain. So over time, those pounds are adding up, but over that same period Americans lives have changed dramatically. They’re now more sedentary, their diets have changed significantly with technology advancements and the advent of fastfood restaurants and cook-it-now microwave foods that make it easier to just pop something in to cook and snack on. Even schools grew to permit more snack-type foods to creep into buildings and a host of sugar-laced drinks to wash it all down with, so it’s no surprise to hear that Americans are overweight and many headed toward obesity. Youfa Wang, assistant professor in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health called the situation “alarming.” The study was conducted by researchers at the Johns...

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Lady Bird Johnson, the First Lady a Nation Mourns

(AXcess News) Houston – She was considered one of America’s favorite women and now our nation mourns her loss. America’s first lady, Lady Bird Johnson, died at her Austin, Texas home Wednesday of natural causes at the age of 94. She was born in Karnack, Texas, on December 22, 1912 and named Claudia Alta Taylor. At the age of two, a family maid once said, the girl was “purty as a lady bird,” and from then on everyone began calling her Lady Bird. Claudia “Lady Bird” Taylor graduated from the University of Texas in 1934 with a degree in Journalism at a time when women were hard pressed to have a career of their own, let alone a college education. Her goal was to become a reporter. But instead of moving on to develop a career in media, she met a young upcoming political hopeful who was in Washington working as a Congressional aide the same year she graduated from college. After only seven weeks of knowing each other, Lyndon B. Johnson proposed marriage, though it was rumored he had asked her for her hand in marriage on their first date. Lady Bird married Lyndon Johnson two months later but little did she know she would go on to become the nation’s First Lady when her husband became the 38th President of the United States upon the death of...

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Explosion at W. VA Coal Mine Traps Workers

(AXcess News) Tallmansville, W. VA – Officials said that 13 miners were trapped more than a mile below ground Monday after a lightning strike that caused an explosion in a coal mine in Upshur County, about 100 miles northeast of Charleston West Virginia. The explosion occurred during a shift change at the Anker West Virginia Mining Company’s Tallmansville coal mine. A series of severe thunderstorms moved through West Virginia early Monday, putting the time of the explosion at approximately 8AM EST. Authorities were unsure of the actual cause of the coal mine explosion as a team of rescue workers were enroute from Charleston. The explosion is the state’s worst mining accident since February 2003, when three contract workers were killed by a methane explosion while drilling an air shaft at a Consol Energy Mine near Cameron. Steve Milligan, deputy director of Upshur County’s Office of Emergency Management to media there that rescue workers had attempted to reach the trapped coal miners but were turned back. The team of rescue workers enroute from Charleston are trained for such types of rescues. No word on the coal miners condition was released. Officials felt optimistic about reaching the trapped coal miners in time. While West Virginia’s coal mining safety record is quite good, ending 2005 with only three fatalities, today’s explosion was the worst coal mining accident since that of 2003, when...

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