Startup Funding Solutions: Daymond on Demand Reviews the Best Side Hustles

These are the three best gigs for accumulating funding for a new business.

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As a lifelong entrepreneur, Daymond on Demand reviews courses have been great resources for finding effective business strategies. Here’s my personal spin on some of the concepts and solutions I’ve learned in the training.

Any new entrepreneur knows from personal experience that – even with bank loans, credit cards, and loans from family – there’s never enough seed money. While you’re getting your business off the ground, you’ll probably have to find a job that pays your general expenses. But what makes a good “side hustle?” Three qualities that are intrinsic in every great side hustle are:

  1. Flexibility – You should be able to essentially set your own hours without being penalized.
  2. Potential for cash tips – Of course, many freelance services allow customers to leave tips via application using a credit card, but cash in hand is always good.
  3. Low stress — Once you leave work, you’ve left work. You don’t have projects to finish outside your allotted hours.

There is a growing body of side hustles available in the ever-expanding gig economy, but these are three of the best.

1. Rideshare Driver

Rideshare (Lyft, Uber) is probably the gold standard of side hustles – it ticks most of the boxes for what makes a great supplementary gig. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect. You have to supply your own car and pay for its maintenance, cleaning, gas, and insurance. However, peak pricing in the late afternoons and evenings can put significant cash in your pocket, and you can make your own hours without advanced notice or planning.

2. Professional Tasker

Do you have useful skills around the house, in the garage, or in the workshop? You can earn extra money by being hired out to complete small-scale projects. These sites connect customers looking for particular services – cleaning, repair work, gardening – with independent workers. If you’re starting a new business in a service industry, you can begin to build a potential client base by hiring yourself out through tasking apps and impressing your clients with your skill and expertise.

3. Courier Service

A courier service is essentially a delivery service that doesn’t necessarily require a car – just a mode of transportation like a motor scooter or even a bicycle. It’s great for people who want flexible work and are great at moving around the city without a car.

The right side hustle for you will depend upon your schedule, resources, and abilities. Once you find the right gig, the extra money you earn will support your ultimate goal of becoming your own boss!

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