A Shocking Peek Into A Very Real Concept, A Silent Strike

I like to discover new and exciting books that really make you think, or that highlight current issues we face in the country today. So, when I stumbled upon Silent Strike, I knew that I had found a tale that was both gripping and eye-opening.

In light of all of the sleeper cell terrorist activity going on in major cities around the country, this book is a refreshing and realistic look at threats that exist today and threaten our future.

An Ongoing Potential Threat

It is easy to fall into a sense of complacency when we go about our daily lives without incident until the unthinkable happens in our own back yard. For example, a man living in New Jersey was a Hezbollah sleeper cell terrorist with information regarding potential attacks on important landmarks in Washington D.C. An in another instance, another wave of terrorist activity was discovered in New York and even in Canada.

Plausible Scenarios In A Thrilling Story

It’s no surprise that there are immense amounts of tension arising from the Middle East that are involving many of the major countries in the world. This civil unrest is also spilling over onto our shores.

You can see it on the news almost daily and it seems as though there is some sort of major incident every several months. No city is truly safe while these individuals are operating under the radar and who strike with no warning.

Silent Strike

In the novel Silent Strike, Dr. Francis Bandettini and Matt Nilsen weave a tale, which is a very possible scenario involving a wealthy Iranian disguised as a Greek groomed by bonyad, who are major players in the Iranian economy.

His character is named Nicholas and he is tasked with creating multiple sleeper cells and recruiting individuals to actively carry out sinister plans to execute biological strikes and even poison the food of tourists.

Do you notice the parallels to recent events across the world and in our neighboring territories?

If you are a person who keeps in touch with what is happening in the world today, and enjoy a gripping edge of your seat thriller, then reading Silent Strike should be on your list of books to check out in the near future.

The world today is unpredictable and anyone can be a target of radical religious organizations. It is important to pay attention to what is going on around us and take the time to really take a look at the current event of the world today. A sleeper cell terrorist organization could be operating in your home town right now.

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