How to Entertain Your Friends For Your Birthday

For young people, a birthday is the most exciting time of the year, waiting to see what parents have bought to celebrate another year of your life. As you get older however, the onus of what to do is squarely on your shoulders, including how to do it in style. Some people don’t care too much about celebrating their birthday, others however, love nothing more than letting it all hang out and organizing a party both they and their friends will absolutely love. If you fall into the latter category, here are some wild ideas to entertain your friends for a birthday that you’ll never forget.

Go Stylish

You should be made to feel special on your birthday so why not go all out celeb and charter a private plane for a journey to a nearby city or even just for a sunset tour through the skies. We used a Florida jet charter a few years back for a friend of mine’s party. It was an incredible experience, and quite different from any other plane I have been in. We sipped champagne in comfortable leather seats, cruising at 10,000 feet and watching the sun set behind the clouds. Style in its truest form.

entertain friends on a charter jet for your birthday.
Charter Jet. U.S. Navy public domain photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Shawn P. Eklund

Go Extreme

For a truly memorable birthday, look at some extreme activity to best celebrate and get your buddies to do it with you. This could involve anything from a crazy bungee jump, a skydive or even book up for a free running course for the day. Many people have fear about these kinds of events but doing it as part of a group makes people far more inclined to get involved. Let go of the fear and go and have a birthday like no other!

Go Competitive

A buddy of mine created his very own Olympics a few years ago to celebrate his birthday and it went down so well that we turned it into an annual event. The sports you choose are be completely up to you but the wackier they are, the better. To go down the Olympics route in style, have everyone dress up in fancy dress and give fair notice of the events so they can get some practice in before the big day.

If your friends are anywhere near as competitive as mine are, this day will turn into an important date on the calendar, and one nobody will forget. This takes some planning but the results are a whole lot of fun, and absolutely hilarious.

If you haven’t planned anything special for your birthday this year then why not start now and turn it into the event of the year.

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