4 Reasons Why You Need Private Health Insurance

Australia has a mix of public and private health services. Some debate the value of private health coverage when they already pay taxes for the public healthcare system. Others believe the benefits of private health insurance outweigh the costs. Here are four reasons why.

Coverage for the Costs Not Covered by the Public System

The public healthcare system doesn’t cover every possible medical expense. For example, you’re on your own if you need a hearing aid, laser eye surgery or dental fillings. Only private health insurance will provide partial or complete coverage for these expenses you’d otherwise pay out of pocket. Private health coverage varies based on the policy you choose. For example, you can choose a health insurance policy that lets you visit a better private hospital, receive ambulance coverage and to cover the costs of overseas healthcare. Compare health insurance policies to find one that fits your lifestyle.

The Ability to Skip the Waiting List

The biggest benefit for those with private health coverage is the ability to skip the waiting list. You don’t have to wait weeks or months for elective procedures that affect your quality of life. This can make a major difference, particularly when the wait times depend on the procedure you need. Half of public patients get the surgery within forty days, but they may wait up to a year for certain procedures.

The Option to Enjoy Private Rooms

In a public hospital, you’ll share a room with others with the same condition because the goal of the public hospital is to take care of as many people as possible as cheaply as possible. Private health insurance can give you the option to get a private room. In a public hospital, the request by someone with health insurance will be subject to availability. With private health cover, you can get a private room at a private hospital.

The Rebates You Could Receive

Private health coverage may yield a rebate on services Medicare won’t cover. For example, you may get a discount on chiropractic, optical, dental and physiotherapy services in addition to the health insurer paying for parts of the service. This is a form of double savings. This makes a big difference when you’re looking at new glasses, dentures and hearing aids in the same year.

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Melissa Thompson

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