7 Creative Hobbies To Pick Up In 2017

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The new year is a time for all things new. People change their diets, they change their goals, and they set a list of unrealistic expectations. Try aiming that sense of urgency towards something more productive in the department of fun.

Picking up a new hobby does not have to cost much money. There are hundreds of different creative ways to use our free time. It just takes a little bit of research and dedication to finding a new hobby for the new year. Here are a few quick suggestions to begin tossing around the possibilities in store.

Wood Burning

Wood burning is the type of craft our parents learned in shop class years ago. That does not mean that it is not enjoyable. The art of wood burning can be used to craft detailed pieces, or it can be used to create fancy wooden signs. Either way, it takes time and patience. The skill is more of an excuse to meditate on one thing at a time.

Upcycle those things.

Upcycling is similar to recycling, except there is no need to send used materials away. Upcycling is taking something that has served its original purpose and repurposing it in a creative manner. For example, turn an old tie into a small change purse with a little bit of hot glue, some scissors, and a piece of velcro.

Learn to cook.

Learning to cook is one of the most beneficial skills/hobbies to acquire. Cooking will help to reduce health risks and also provide many opportunities for fellowship with family and friends. Many good things have come from around the dinner table.

Get savvy on documentaries.

Pooling knowledge is never a bad idea. Start spending time learning. Watch documentaries about everything, no matter what personal beliefs may be challenged. Educating oneself on the surrounding world will enable that person to live a more full and cultured life.

Find an old-fashioned pen pal.

There is always snail mail. The anticipation of a handwritten letter is a feeling that cannot easily be beaten or replaced. There are thousands of men and women in prison who would love to have a pen pal.

Reading is good for the imagination.

Reading helps to expand the imagination as well as one’s range of vocabulary. There is no better way to escape a dreary existence than to dig into a great adventure book. Take time out of a busy life to stop and read the words.

Word nerds can edit for Wikipedia.

Word nerds, history buffs, and regular information seekers can become a part of the Wikipedia editing team. Comb through pages and pages of information and fact check for days. If this sounds fun, then pick up an editing hobby.

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