Affirmations to Cure Self-Doubt

Everyone has moments of self-doubt that leave behind a sense of fear and hold them back from reaching their potential. However, no one has to live that way. Positive thinking can be learned and kicking the habit of self-doubt just takes patience and self-love. Also, no one has to do it alone.

When someone is ready to take the next step toward healing and wholeness, there are many resources available online. Some self-development sites even offer a compendium of advice and good energy through helpful content.

Taking Positive Steps Toward Positivity

Studies have shown the power of positive thinking can perform miracles. It may even improve fitness, strength and vision. The placebo effect has long remained a mystery to the medical professional. In this case, subjects participate in a study, with half receiving the drug being test and half receiving a pill with no medicine in it. Those receiving the placebo, or fake pill, sometimes report an improvement in the condition being treated by the new drug. Even more dramatic, some experience measurable physical improvement, even though they may just be taking a sugar pill.

This is the power of hope and positive thinking. Learned associations change brain chemistry. In effect, your brain is rewired to expect better outcomes. Therefore, reducing anxiety and stress has a positive effect on someone’s physical well-being too.

Affirmations of Positivity for a Better Outlook

Here are several affirmations that push away self -doubt and give an individual the confidence to accomplish their goals.

1. My self-doubt is natural. It does not define me.

2. I am whole and complete no matter what surrounds me.

3. We are all perfectly flawed. Perfection is an illusion.

4. I can live the life of my wildest dreams.

5. I have intrinsic value and there is a deep purpose within me.

6. I will seize the moment and the beauty all around me.

Mindful Approach

When someone practices positive affirmations, they focus on one positive thought many times. Eventually, the message sinks in to become part of their mindset. That’s when life starts changing in a positive way. Repeating the same phrase may not seem like the best way to generate new ways of thinking, but what it’s really doing is rewiring the brain to accept this as the correct way of thinking – positive and upbeat.

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa is a mother of 2, lives in Utah, and writes for a multitude of sites. She is currently the EIC of and writes about health, wellness, and business topics.