Boosting Testosterone Levels in Natural Yet Safe Ways

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The Holy Grail of male hormones is testosterone. The capability of this male hormone is almost mythical and apart from helping boost muscle and burning body fat, it has many other benefits. The right levels of testosterone improve a man’s sleep, mood, energy levels, libido, overall health conditions and also the quality of life. It is sad to note that a majority of men see a sudden fall in levels of testosterone after reaching 30 years of age. This subjects them to a greater risk of low mineral density, obesity, diabetes, decreased muscle mass, impaired sexual function and a rapid fall in physical performance.

Note that not only men suffer from this decline in hormone levels. The levels of testosterone in women also decline after their 20s. There are ways for men to boost testosterone levels naturally, and it is possible they work for women, too, but I didn’t research that. Here are few points to be aware of.

#1: Try to lose weight

If you’re overweight, you can improve your testosterone levels by shedding a few extra pounds. Men who are overweight have more chances to see a fall in testosterone levels and hence the first trick to follow is to lose excess weight. Control the amount of sugar in your diet as this is the main driving factor behind obesity. Cut soda from your diet and don’t opt for the so-called ‘healthy’ sweeteners. Follow a healthy eating program to shed pounds.

#2: Practice some high-intensity exercise

Short intense workouts and intermittent fasting has proved to boost levels of testosterone. If you can do intermittent fasting, this increases your testosterone level by increasing satiety hormones such as leptin, insulin, glucagon, adiponectin and many others. If you consume a whey protein meal post exercise, this can boost your levels of testosterone too.

#3: Opt for strength training

Apart from regular exercises, strength training can also boost levels of testosterone but you have to do it intensely. When you’re doing this to boost your level of testosterone, gradually increase the weight of your equipment and lower the number of repetitions. Go slow and turbo-charge your weight training program.

#4: Reduce your level of stress

When your body is under stress, it produces a hormone called cortisol which is also named the stress hormone. This hormone stands as an obstacle for testosterone from a biological point of view. You may suddenly find yourself giving up in stressful competitions or trying to escape from a tough situation. You may even see a reduction in your sexual drive. So, try to reduce levels of stress so as to boost your levels of testosterone naturally.

To learn more about some of the smartest ways of boosting testosterone levels, review websites related to this topic. Take care of your body in the best possible manner.

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