Disability Benefits for Injured Workers

Suffering an injury during work is usually a possibility, and employers take steps to ensure that the safety of employees is taken care of. However, no matter the safety measures in place, a worker can end up getting injured which makes them unable to perform their duties and earn an income.

In case this happens to you, it can be a frustrating experience and the time taken recuperating can be a worrying stage. However, the good news is that employees who get injured at the workplace are eligible for disability and worker’s compensation that will assist them during this period.

Below are some of the benefits included in the laws for injured workers:

Worker’s compensation:

Employees who get hurt or sick while at work are covered by the relevant compensation laws applicable in their state of residence. One of the primary requirements is that their workers are offered the benefits included in the disabled law.

Some of the benefits include payment of lost wages as well as medical bills. Additionally, the worker is provided with two-thirds of their salary. Any injured or disabled worker can contact his or her employer or the worker’s compensation office to file the claims.

Disability insurance:

Various states have disability programs. However, these programs are meant to last for a short period, and the benefits are lower. In some states, workers are entitled to half of their weekly income for three months.

Besides, an employer can choose to offer any additional coverage on top of the one already stipulated by the law. It’s, therefore, crucial to consult with your employer concerning the disability-related coverage policies offered. In case that is not possible, you can get the relevant information contained in the labor law compliance posters posted in your place of work.

Social Security Disability:

To qualify for this type of disability coverage, one needs to have worked in any job that is covered by social security. Also, you should have any medical condition classified under the social services and disabled law definition as to what constitutes a disability. The compensation is paid to those employees who cannot work for one year due to disability or injury.

In case you have been injured or disabled in any way, either temporarily or permanently, then it’s vital to file a claim as soon as possible. This is because applications are valid for a specific amount of time. Usually, the period is 30 days after the onset of the injury.

For more information concerning the filing of a claim, you can consult the labor law compliance posters at your place of work or opt to contact the worker’s compensation boards or department of labor.

This way you will get the right information concerning the filling of your claim. You can as well purchase your disability coverage to cater for any harm or danger. However, you need to check first with your employer and then further file for any coverage if required.

Disabled individuals are lawfully granted compensation to assist them to live a decent life since they are not able to earn effectively to cater to their needs or families. However, discrimination is still high, but disabled people should file lawsuits with disabled law to get what is legally theirs.

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