Emergency Physicians Advocating Vaccines Funded by Vaccine Industry

The American College of Emergency Physicians says that they are launching a campaign to counter the so-called vaccine misinformation and address vaccine hesitancy. Undisclosed to the public, however, are their financial ties with the vaccine industry.

The American College of Emergency Physicians describes itself as a national medical society. In a news release posted on November 9th, they announced starting a campaign to “Ramp Up Efforts to Address Vaccine Hesitancy”. The opening statement in their news release posted to their website says:

Misinformation about COVID-19, vaccines, and treatments is rampant and putting lives at risk in communities with low vaccination rates.

This stance against claims about vaccine effectiveness and safety is similar to countless other sources that have links with the vaccine industry. A few paragraphs down in their release they underscore that everyone needs to be wary of “unsourced information, bold claims, or instant cures circulating on social media or among friends.”  They go on to encourage everyone to get their information on vaccines that is “supported by data” and “backed by leading organizations.”

Funding for the American College of Emergency Physicians

While the group has not revealed any financial conflict of interest in their news release, their website has a page called Corporate Council Program. On that page, they link to their COVID-19 Partners.

Emergency Physicians funding
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The page shows that they have 5 major Donors and one of them is the Pfizer Foundation. The Pfizer Foundation is part of the Pfizer pharmaceutical company, Pfizer Incorporation – the same Pfizer that is the leading manufacturer of COVID-19 vaccines.

Scrolling down just a little on the same page shows more of their donors – listed simply as Donors. The very first name there is AstraZeneca – another major COVID vaccine manufacturer. Other pharma companies – Bristol-Myers Squibb, Vapotherm, and Portola Pharmaceuticals – are also among their donors.

Need for Disclosure

Despite receiving direct financial benefits from the vaccine industry, the medical society of Emergency Physicians has set out on a campaign to what they call misinformation leading to vaccine hesitancy. Yet they have included no statement of disclosure or disclaimer in their news release to inform the public of their financial conflict of interest.

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