How To Help Prevent Mold Damage To Your Home

Homes all across the country can be susceptible to mold growth if measures aren’t taken to help prevent the growth and spread of spores. Once mold begins to grow, it can be costly and time consuming to mitigate. There are things homeowners can do, however, to help prevent this problem and also help keep the space more comfortable and efficient.

Bathrooms Can Be Culprits

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for mold because there is constantly moisture and humidity from bathing and showering. This can be especially true for large households where there are multiple bathrooms and plenty of water being used daily. One important measure is ensuring the exhaust fan is properly working and be sure that everyone turns on the fan while showering or bathing. This helps pull steam and moisture from the air outside and prevent it from collecting on surfaces where mold will likely begin to develop. Many people will notice mold beginning to grow on the ceiling above the shower. In addition to having an exhaust fan, it is important to help prevent tub and faucet leaks. Water leaking onto floors and cabinets will encourage mold to begin to grow and spread to walls and insulation where costly damage begins to occur. Keep in mind that once mold begins to grow it can spread to other rooms in the home via the air.

Regularly Check Plumbing

In many cases where mold has begun to grow inside walls, there has been a mishap with the building’s plumbing. Either a leak or a busted pipe can create a severe mold problem that can cost thousands to remediate. To help prevent this type of issue, regularly inspect all pipes in the home or space. Check for wet cabinets and walls as well as looks or changes in pressure. If a problem is detected, call a plumber immediately. Don’t wait to get the problem fixed because mold grows rapidly and can get out of hand in no time.

Don’t Neglect The Basement

It can be easy to forget about the basement, especially if you only venture down there periodically. Basements can be a main culprit for mold growth because moisture can seep through the walls. An excellent preventative measure is getting your basement waterproofed professionally. This creates a barrier that prevents water from entering and keeps humidity levels lower. It really makes a difference in the comfort of the space too, especially in situations where the basement is an entertainment space or living quarters.

Save money ad help prevent costly mitigation in the future by taking these simple measures. Mold growth can be thwarted fairly easily if you pay attention to areas where moisture and leaks can develop. Make a point to regularly inspect these areas and call a professional immediately if problems have already create mold in the space.

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