Increased Demand for Laboratory Personnel Continues

Since the Affordable Care Act was introduced, the number of uninsured people has drastically decreased. This means that more Americans than ever now have access to health care. However, because of this, more health care professionals are required to meet the increasing demand.

The infographic below, which was created by the online medical lab science programs at the University of Cincinnati, explains this demand in more detail. 12,000 new laboratory scientists are needed each year to keep up with the growing demand, but currently only 5,000 graduates are meeting these needs. Anyone studying for an online bachelor of science degree in medical laboratory science will pretty much walk into a job. The pay isn’t poor either, with graduates earning over $60,000 each year.

The Medical Laboratory Scientist Personnel Shortage and the Future of Lab Medicine‘ is an infographic created by the University of Cincinnati.

Increased Demand for Laboratory Personnel Continues 1

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