Michigan Nursing Home Being Sued After Video Shows Abuse of 89-Year-Old Patient

The family of an 89-year-old nursing home patient is suing Autumnwood of Livonia in Michigan following a video surfaced showing abuse. The man stayed in the nursing home in 2015 after he had abdominal surgery performed.

He entered the facility in May 2015.

Employees at the nursing home are being accused of abuse following a secret camera recording release. The video shows employees denying the man, who is in a wheelchair, water. The staff can also be seen throwing the man violently on to the bed.

The man, Hussein Younes, also had racial epithets used against him. Younes had a stroke prior to entering the nursing home which left the one side of his body extremely week. Weeks after entering the facility he started to complain to his children that he was being abused.

Michigan Live reports that the family of the man reported their concerns of abuse to the nursing home. The nursing home conducted an investigation into the matter and reassured the family that the man’s claims were untrue.

Family members started noticing bruises on the man’s head. Cuts were also witnessed on the man’s head. The abuse was so bad that Younes started to have panic attacks and would often shake or yell. The family took matters into their own hands and set up a hidden camera in their family member’s room.

The family collected 100 video clips with some form of abuse witnessed in them over a period of just two days. Videos clearly show one nurse, who appears in most if not all of the videos, slapping the man in the face. Multiple videos show the nurse throwing him on to the bed violently.

Family members believe that Younes was targeted because he is of Middle Eastern descent. One nurse was videotaped talking about President Donald Trump citing that she agrees with his efforts to deport Arab Americans. She is also seen talking about Arab Americans in a demeaning manner.

“They come over here and just get everything. I’m just like Trump. I agree with him, ‘ the nurse says. ‘They come over here and set up shop. Look how they set up Dearborn and Dearborn Heights so fast. You would have never saw that in a homeland security state.’ ”

“Identifying the signs of nursing home abuse requires careful observation. Many residents have a limited capacity to communicate, so it is important to visit the residence frequently and at different times of the day, ” states Steinberg Goodman & Kalish.

In another clip, a nurse can be heard stating she can’t “stand this A-rab.”

The family also claims that the nurses falsely accused Younes of being combative in an effort to get him kicked out of the facility. None of the videos that were posted show the man being aggressive or combative.

He was removed from the nursing home in December 2015.

Autumnwood claims that the actions of the nurses in the video are not the quality of care the facility provides to patients. All of the nurses have been fired from their position following the video surfacing. The nursing home has since launched an additional investigation and has turned the investigation over to local law enforcement and a state agency.

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