New 2019 Statistics Suggest Questions to Ask Physicians Before Hiring Them

It’s difficult to find quality physicians who will work with the hospital you run if there are other hospitals competing for limited choices. You need to give them a reason to choose you over other employers. Despite that, you still have to be selective with the people you hire. You can’t set aside quality because you’re in a hurry to hire someone to do the job. These are the questions you can ask during the interview to determine if you have the right person in front of you.

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Why did you decide to work with us?

You need to know the reason why the applicants decided to apply for the job. You will then know if being a doctor is their passion. You will also have an idea of why they let go of their previous post. Saying something terrible about their previous employer isn’t a good sign. It shows lack of professionalism and ability to keep secrets, which is one of the pledges of a doctor.

What’s your most memorable case?

You have to check the experience the doctor has had over the years. The resume won’t list all their cases, but you might extract those answers during the interview. Asking this question gives you an insight into the complexity of the cases handled by the doctor before. You will also know the level of professionalism exhibited by the physician over the years. It’s possible to answer this question without revealing specific personal information. If the doctor does, it’s a significant red flag.

What are your plans in a few years?

When you hire a physician to work with you, it’s crucial that you determine if there’s a plan to stay for a long time; otherwise, you’re investing in the wrong person. You will train the doctor, but in the end, there’s no intention to stay. You will be understaffed again, and it could throw the hospital into chaos.

What type of work environment do you like?

Answering this question gives you an idea about what the physician would probably say no to in the future. You can check if the current work environment is a perfect fit for the candidate. If you think you will end up with lots of issues, you might have to look for someone else to do the job.

These are only some questions you have to ask to determine if you will hire the doctor. Again, even if you’re desperate to find someone to fill the post, you shouldn’t accept anyone. You still need to retain your standards. Check the documents submitted to you and go through the interview process.

You can also consider hiring a recruiter like the ones at You need their help to select from a pool of potential candidates for the job. Recruiting firms already have lots of possible choices. They also have a process for selecting the perfect candidate to work with you. It’s possible to fill the post as soon as needed.

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